Brothers of bethany

hello Everyone:

I am former brother of bethany (1992) and I am looking to see if there are members and non members here who know of the community or the charism where the community came from.

I was a former novice in the community and due to many circumstances the community no longer exists.

If there are any men who knew the community, or were members of such community please get in touch with me via PM (if you’re not a member please make an account , it takes 5 min)

The community has its background in France under Fr. lataste, OP and the DOMINICAN SISTERS OF BETHANY.

More information see here :

If you think you have a vocation let me know and I can guide you. If you are female is much easier as there is an establised community in both Europe and in the United States.

If you are male, there are no current communities but if the need arises this can be fixed or we can discuss it here and see where it goes !!

many blessings and I am available for questions, help and prayers


“There is no past in Bethany, only the present and future hope”. (Fr. Lataste, OP)

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