Brown and Green Scapular Questions

  1. For the brown scapular, Our Lady said “Whosoever Dies Clothed in this Scapular shall not Suffer Eternal Fire”. Is it therefore safe to say that if anybody dies wearing it, they will definitely, 100% go to Heaven (possibly with purgatory)?

  2. For the green scapular, does it need to be made from wool like the Brown scapular does?


No. The Brown Scapular helps us to live a more holy life, therefore it helps us on our way to Heaven. The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel should not be used as a “get out of Hell free” charm.

To my knowledge, no, the green scapular does not need to be made of a fabric.


When we clothe ourselves in the Brown Scapular we also pray much and follow the directives that are recommended. The new catechesis, which I will post in my next message, explains much and takes away all superstitious thinking.

The Brown Scapular no longer needs to be made of 100 percent wool, and the Green Scapular never required it to be made of wool.

Blessings in Jesus and Mary,



Here is the latest catechesis on the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. It comes from both branches of the Carmelite Order:


OP – I have always learned the brown scapular ***must ***be wool and can not be replaced by the Miraculous Medal (wearer can run the risk of not receiving the benefits with insufficient reason to do so).

The wool, brown Scapular is so small that any “discomfort” in hot climates because of it is negligible and should not deter the wearer from offering such small inconvenience to Our Lady.

Here is the Sisters of Carmel website that offers more insight into brown Scapular questions.

Please note the INDULGENCES granted to those who wear the brown Scapular, as well! The 500 days indulgence for simply kissing the brown Scapular is absolutely priceless!

When in doubt, continue the traditions of old, rather than what may now be acceptable.





I appreciate your input, and I would like to point out that the new catechesis is from both branches of the Carmelite Order in order to clarify a lot of what was said about the Scapular devotion.

It is a good thing for all to know that the Brown Scapular does not have to be 100% wool. Many are allergic to wool, and it is also now an expensive fabric for Scapular makers.

The Carmelite Orders and all religious orders, even though they have their own Provincials and leaders, does not mean that they are not answerable to the Magisterium of the Church. If you read the entire catechesis carefully you will that nothing is lost by explaining it in a better way.

There is good reason to clarify what the Brown Scapular devotion is about in order to lessen superstitious use of it.

In Jesus and Mary,




Thank you for your input as well.

The Scapular itself, the square/rectangular pieces, must be 100% wool, but the cord/string can be any fabric or even a chain attaching both pieces. * Please note that it is not necessary to wear the Scapular next to the skin; it can be worn under or over one’s clothing. Which would be an option should one be sensitive/allergic to wool.

As far as the price of wool is concerned, Scapulars are so inexpensive that any increase in price is not even applicable and does not render them unattainable. We can purchase them in our local Catholic gift store for $1. I doubt that the price of wool has deterred scapular makers and made the Scapular wool requirement null and void.

There absolutely **should **be the promotion of the Brown Scapular in order to inform others of such a wonderful sacramental. The evil one puts in the mind of some that we should be careful of others using it as superstition, so he can hinder any kind of promotion/evangelizing of a WEAPON so powerful against him! If fear of superstition were the case, then the Rosary, Miraculous Medal, Holy Water, etc. could also be used as superstition.

We should explain the beauty in the Brown Scapular devotion and teach others all about it. We are called to encourage others to enroll and wear them devoutly with full knowledge of it’s blessings. It is Our Lady’s gift to all of us!!




The Sisters of Carmel are renegade order existing outside of the Order of Carmelites and the Diocese of Colorado Springs approval. It’s not a good idea to take any information from their website to heart.

I’m in a neighboring Archdiocese, we’ve been praying for the sisters to come back for a long time. There used to be a letter from the Bishop on the Diocese website, asking prayers for the sisters to seek official approval, and come into communion with Rome. The letter didn’t make the website redesign.


The brown scapular is governed by the Carmelites, and the Carmelites only.

They themselves have already said that while the scapular had to be wool at one time, this requirement is no longer in force. Today, all the scapular needs to be made of is brown fabric of any kind. That said, I still personally prefer to wear wool ones.

I wear the scapular and am enrolled in it, but not due to any legends, miracles, or even the so-called Sabbatine Privilege. I do so because I wish to share in the spiritual goods with the Carmelite order, practice to a degree Carmelite spirituality, especially through the praying of the Liturgy of the Hours, and to place myself under our Lady’s protection and prayers, as the Carmelites do.

One should not regard the scapular as a mere sacramental without keeping in mind its Carmelite association. Wearing the scapular carries with it an affiliation and a practice, however loose, of Carmelite spirituality.



As I stated in my post:

“We should explain the beauty in the Brown Scapular devotion and teach others all about it. We are called to encourage others to enroll and wear them devoutly with full knowledge of it’s blessings.” I have and continue to promote the brown Scapular. I never removed any connection to Carmelites. Can you cite where I did that?

Also, I referred to the Scapular as a wonderful sacramental – not a “mere” saramental. Again, it’s a very special one as the Church has attached a powerful indulgence to it.

I’m happy you are enrolled in the Scapular with devotion. As we all should. That’s why I said we should “teach others all about it.”


I cited the Sisters of Carmel website strictly for the Brown Scapular *information *which is completely in line with the Church. Is there anything on their site regarding the Scapular that goes against Catholic teaching? If so, please let me know. I find nothing on their website that would keep me from wearing my Scapular and promoting it.

Don’t know why it seems to others that I’m for a *superficial *wearing of the brown Scapular. On the contrary, I promoted the Scapular, however dated the information I stated was as for it being wool or not is irrelevant. I always believe one should err on the side of caution and keep to the requirements made when it was made available to the laity. Sometimes when requirements are changed for convenience, it can be confusing to those who are unable to keep up with the changes. IMO, it’s better to stick to the original course of action for the laity.




Not you, per se, but generally speaking; the Carmelites themselves have lamented that the brown scapular had become one of the most abused sacramentals in the church because it was indiscriminately promoted without any reference to the Carmelites or their spirituality.

As for the indulgences, all indulgences were abrogated and revised in 1968. We no longer treat indulgences in terms of “days”, e.g. 500 days. Today, we have only plenary and partial. As the scapular is an article of devotion, it is covered under that grant which gives a partial indulgence to its devout use.

The problem with the Sisters of Carmel site (outside of the problems with the group itself), is that it’s dated. The current requirement is to practice Carmelite spirituality, not necessarily recite the Little Office (I don’t. I pray the official Divine Office, the Liturgy of the Hours according to the modern Roman Rite). It has outdated indulgence information (all indulgences are governed solely by the Enchiridion) and the Sabbatine Privilege is still endorsed (while not condemned, its significance and historical soundness has been downplayed by the Carmelites and the Holy See).

As for erring on the side of caution, we can never go wrong with what proper authority has set for today, not yesterday. As I said, the Carmelites are the powers that be concerning the Scapular, and they have put out an excellent catechesis that Dorothy has linked to. That is the current mind of the Carmelites regarding the sacramental, and this is my mind as well.


Yes, the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel is quite a gift! :slight_smile: And no, I or others I am sure, do not think you are taking the Scapular superficially. I can tell you understand all about it. I just wanted to share the latest catechesis on it from the Carmelite Order.

Peace and Blessings,

Dorothy…Third Order Lay Carmelite


The charity in your responses to my posts are exemplary. Thank you for clarifying certain points. :slight_smile:




Thank you, porthos11. Your eloquence and charity in your answers are a fine example of good manners.

Hello, JMJ. The Sisters of Carmel look like Carmelites, however, have no official status and/or recognition among the Carmelites. Isn’t it best to go to the source for information, Carmelites–Brown Scapular? Superficially promoting the scapular, I haven’t seen you doing such a thing.


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