Brown Lives Matter, or, why Joe Biden isn't a decent man

Just to list some countries.


I would like to invite everyone reading this to look up these countries in the period between 2008 and 2016. Look into the history of military intervention by foreign nations in these countries. Look into the deaths by drone strikes, bombings, coup d’etat, etc.

Need I mention who was Vice President under these actions?


Or how the Obama-Biden administration, despite railing against the Bush administration for its war mongering, expanded the war in Afghanistan and by tinkering around in Syria funded, trained, and paved the way for the creation of Isis? It was US money and weapons sent to the Syrian rebels to overthrow the government. Yet what did these rebels do with their money? Recruited. And what did they do with their weapons? Begin committing wholesale genocide against Christians and to a far lesser extent (but still worth mentioning), minority Muslims. And what did the Obama-Biden administration do to combat terrorism in African countries who were and still are targeting Christians for genocide? So I guess brown and black lives only matter in the months leading up to a national election. Then, after that? Business as usual.


Does this change what Trump has done in the ME too? Food for thought.

I’ll just use a favorite tactic of the liberal left and say ‘whataboutism’.

The fact is Biden has so much blood on his hands I doubt he’ll ever be able to wash it off. All in the name of progress and American security.


This goes back to an interaction I had with a lady in the days after Trump was elected. She was almost crying and I asked her what she thought of the victims of Obama’s and Biden’s actions. A guy in the room answered for her. “Trump made a joke about sexual assault!”

No word on the plethora of prison rape jokes that come out of the mouths of leftist comedians day and night.

No word on the victims of US drone strikes, coups, etc.


Pick a topic?

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I thought mass murder was a topic?

I don’t care if people vote for Biden. But don’t whitewash him. For the love of God, don’t whitewash him. Don’t make it seem like he’s just a happy go lucky decent person with no history behind himself. Don’t make him into another Colin Powell who covered up the My Lai massacre. The dead in Honduras matter just as much. Give them that dignity.

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Biden was VICE President, not President. Generally, Vice Presidents go along with the President, who is the Commander-in-Chief, do they not? Unless you want to make something of the term “vice” in connection to Biden, I don’t think you can pin this on him. Obama, yes; Biden, no.

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So now it’s throw Obama under the bus time. But Biden just sat there twiddling his thumbs and we’re supposed to excuse him?


Biden might have offered his opinions; I am not privy to what went on in the situation room. Just as Pence cannot be blamed for the shortcomings of Trump. VP’s generally do as they are told, and the President makes the ultimate decision, particularly in matters of foreign policy and war and peace.

I have never given Obama a free ticket on his actions any more than I give Trump one.

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Time for purity tests!

I just want someone to answer me this: did a little Afghan boy count as much as a victim of Trump’s?

Military interventionism, 165,000 US troops in more than 150 countries all over the world, and yet at the same time, American cities are burning, American businesses are being looted and ransacked, 70 year old man has been beaten up for trying to protect his business from the mob of looting protestors, and where is the protection for them? Yes, it is nice that Americans are protecting the Afghans, protecting the Germans, protecting the Polish, protecting the Japanese, protecting 150 countries around the world, but how about a little help for this old man who was knocked unconscious with a broken jaw as he tried to save his business in Wisconsin. And how many other American businesses have been burned down as the police and the security do little to save them. People have been rioting in Portland Oregon for more than 80 days now, with no end in sight. Businesses are leaving. why should they stay when the mobs are free to loot, steal, ransack and burn them down while security is helpless.,windows%20and%20looted%20downtown%20businesses.
And much of the US interventionism is counter productive, creating more and new problems that were never there before.


Since this makes about as much sense as our foreign policy, I present


What on earth does this have to do with the topic of this thread?

Yeah, this one didn’t take long to wander, did it?

This is true, but Trump is not necessarily much better. I remember when he was supposed to be an anti-war candidate, and then his administration launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base ( There was outrage over this from his anti-war voters for a short period, but they eventually got over it and there hasn’t been the same kind of outrage over anything since.

There is never going to be an anti-war American president. There is just too much at stake economically for America to ever give up foreign intervention. The arms industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and American companies need access to foreign markets and resources, which wars provide before they’ve even ended and any “nation building” has taken place. The sad fact is that American foreign policy does make sense.

Because it didn’t start a war and didn’t drag more troops in.

Obama started full wars, some with our troops, some without.

Trump has tried to start drawing down and back though. I know because I’ve been deployed during this presidency and I’ve seen the effects. And I’m supportive of his decisions.

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Because it didn’t start a war and didn’t drag more troops in.

Yeah, his administration might have caused hundreds of civilian deaths, but at least our American boys are safe.

There hasn’t been any real sustained effort to back out of the Middle East, and in lots of regions involvement has increased. Besides, the policy of funding various militant groups that fight each other while also giving arms to the Saudis so they can funnel them back to ISIS has not necessarily been more “sensible”, from the point of view of the average American. From the point of view of commerce it is obviously a great idea.

You have your communist views, and I have my views.

Good day, sir.

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