Brown Scapular Blessing



Yesterday the Travelling Our Lady of Fatima statue was brought to our parish. They passed out brown scapulars and said that if we wear it we are marking ourselves as children of Our Lady.

I got one blessed and am wearing it. But my question is; do I need to be enrolled in the confraternity in order to wear it and benefit from it’s graces? Or does a simple blessing count?


I’d be interested to know the answer to that too.


You absolutely need to be enrolled.


You need to be enrolled.


Yes, you need to be enrolled.
And just handing over scapulars without explaining or even giving some leaflet about it seems a bit sloppy to me.


No, a simple blessing is all you need. The carmelites prefer people not to be enrolled these days because of the commitments and that enrollment means you are part of their order as laity.

Read the new catechism on the scapular. Hopefully someone will put a link here. Or google Don Ruggero and the brown scapular on CAF


They did hand out pamphlets…


Here is a website with information on the Brown Scapular of Carmel:


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