Brown Scapular Enrolment


Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

About a year ago I got enrolled in the brown scapular and consecrated to the Blessed Mother, and have been wearing the scapular ever since and also really trying to do my best to live out my consecration.

I really researched before I did all this to make sure that I was doing it all correctly and properly and thoroughly. I am pretty confidant that I did do it all correctly (i.e. in the way that I was enrolled by a priest with all the correct prayers and form, etc.)

I have wondered ever since about one aspect:

Was I supposed to get my name put on a list somewhere , like contact some Carmelites somewhere and make sure they add me to some register or list or roster?

My priest said "No." He said it was just between Me and Mary. But I THOUGHT I had read about other people doing this as part of doing it all properly and thoroughly. (And besides, there seem to be a LOT of things that my priest says that are lax and modern and liberal so that I don't have much confidence in what he says anyway. He has a "that's-good-enough" attitude.)

Who do I write to or contact with my name? To get put on some list of folks who are enrolled in the Brown Scapular?
Has anyone out there done this?
Does anyone out there know?
Please help.
Thank you.


It used to be - oh so many long years ago - that Catholic children receiving their First Holy Communion were enrolled. I have had my Scapular for decades. I never saw my name submitted on a list but I vaguely remember our Parish priest praying over all of us before we were given the Scapular to wear, the Friday before we received.

Granted, that was WAAAAYYYY back in 1961…


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