Brown Scapular Obligations


What are the obligations when one is enrolled in the Brown Scapular?


They are listed here:


Thank you :)

Just for clarification, does one need explicit permission to recite the Rosary instead of the Divine Office?


This one carmelite group, suggests at least saying 3 Hail Mary prayers daily, this is only if you can’t say a rosary. I’m thinking the rules have relaxed a bit.


I always feel bad if I was not able to pray the Rosary, so I'm hoping that three Hail Mary's will be ok on those days. It's not that I don't want to pray it, it's just that I wasn't able to due to some other restriction. (Not trying to make excuses for myself however.)


No, that sounds fine. Sometimes you can't fit one into a day. I have the same problem. I end up having to play "catch-up" at the end of the week sometimes.


Haha yes I’ve played catch up many times before. I would say though that our Lady understands.


This may sound silly, but I've been removing my scapular when I shower; this is ok right haha?


Yes, that's fine. we do too. It is hard to dry a wool scapular and difficult to wear a wet one. Often the dye will rub off on clothes when wet, and while I shouldn't care for fashion reasons, I don't think it is wise to ruin good clothes that way.

Many people keep their scapulars on when swimming though because it is more dangerous than showering! :D


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