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Im new here and just getting back into the faith and I had some questions about the brown scapular. I started to wear one about 2 days ago and have had it blessed, however i did not enroll because as i understand you must live chaste according to your state in life and i am living with my soon to be wife. I want to wear it but i do not want to be doing something wrong. So i guess my questions are should i keep wearing it or wait until i am married? and if i do wear it before im married and sin with it on what should i do to regain the graces of it?:shrug:

Or maybe there are other ways that i may show my devotion to the mother Mary and i would be open for any ideas on that as well.

Thank you all who take the time to read this and God bless you.

how long before you marry? can you live chaste with your fututre wife till then. if so enroll in the brown scapular

Hi from what I have learned in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular, your soul always needs to be in a state of grace to obtain the graces and promises of Our Lady to the wearers of the Scapular so it means that you should avoid sinning as much as possible and live a chaste life. You may pray to the Blessed Mother to keep you away from temptations but if in case you sinned, you need to go to confession and do the act of penance that will be asked from you by the priest in order for your soul to be back in the state of grace again thus being eligible to the grace of the Brown Scapular.

I will be married this Oct. on the 15th, and my soon to be said that she would do everything she can to help me move forward in my faith she herself is even looking into maybe joining the church where im going, i can live a chaste life until then im just scared that i would fail and thus let not only myself down, but my soon to be wife, and the Holy Mother herself. I know some people look at the scapular as a kinda get out of jail free card, but its more then that to me, some people have told me that i should maybe have the miraculous medal, or the divine mercy but i know little about them.

we all fail i do regularly, when you go to confession and if you SINCERLY intend on living a chaste life till married their is no problem.
brown scapular many threads here on it. try the search button and put brown scapular in.
it’s not a good luck charm, but an understanding that you willlbe continously thinking about BVM and she about you. after wearing it for a while you will understand better

First of all, before any thought of the Scapular at all, you must resolve to live chastely, period. Nothing is going to save you if you commit knowing mortal sins.

If you fail, come back and confess, but resolve not to commit this sin.

If you can resolve this, wear the Scapular. Our Lady will help you! If you fall, even while wearing the Scapular, you must still come back to the church and confess to a priest. But with the Scapular, you will have more strength.

Thank you everyone, im thinking i will take it off untill im married and i can put 100% into it, is there any prayers that need to be said to do this right or do i just remove it?


Whether you wear the Brown Scapular, or the Miraculous Medal or not, you are in mortal sin. Isn’t it presumptuous to just say I’ll wait until before I get married and go to confession?

The right thing to do is to rely on God’s grace, go to confession, and then live a chaste life until you are married.

Your future bride needs to know that that Marriage is a Sacrament.

All things are possible with God, and He makes all things new again. We need to pray for the grace to do His will, He comes first in every marriage. That is what makes for a great marriage!


As for me, the Brown Scapular was given to us by the Blessed Mother for our protection. It was not meant to be the judge on our spirituality.

I suggest that even starting today, wear it with confidence and Mama Mary loves to her children wearing it confidently. However, by doing so, let us be reminded of living in perfect conformity with God’s holy will is the condition to gain the benefits of brown scapular as provided in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular.

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