Brown scapular sufficient

Does anyone know what would happen if someone died in the state of mortal sin but had their brown scapulars on? Would just wearing the brown scapular help them to attain salvation?

Just wearing it without any attempt to live a virtuous life - no. It isn’t a charm against going to hell.

I see it as not only being Mary’s pledge to help us, but also our pledge to Her to be devoted to her throughout our lives, this is the point of wearing the Scapular - it is a reminder.

I also think Mary would pray to God and ask Him to give the person the grace of repentance before they expired, thus interceding for the person as she did for the couple at the Wedding at Cana, and so repenting of their mortal sin, they would then be spared eternal damnation.

We still have to do our best to live a good and holy Christian life, that perseverance in faith, hope and love are necessary for salvation too.

The Brown Scapular by Fr William Most


And there is something known as the sin of presumption.


Our lady is no fool. If said person was bound to go to hell upon their death the brown scapular will find a way to get itself off of said person.

For the life of me I can’t remember the Frenchman’s name, but there is a story of the brown scapular in relation to a militant atheist Frenchman. Long story short this atheist was on his Deathbed. While asleep a nurse put a brown scapular around him. Sad Frenchman woke up yelling and screaming to have the nurse take it off because he felt like said Brown scapular was burning him. Right after the nurse took the scapular off the man died.

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No, just wearing the brown scapular is not a magic charm to get you to heaven.
And those of us who devoutly wear it aren’t doing so with the thought of its being a ticket to heaven.
That’s the wrong reason to wear it.

If you die in the state of mortal sin then hopefully you had repented before death but just weren’t able to get to confession yet, in which case God might accept your repentance. Perhaps God in his mercy would give you one final chance to repent at judgment time; we don’t know. But if you were devoutly wearing the Brown Scapular, part of the spirituality you practice is trying to imitate Mary. Mary obviously didn’t go around committing mortal sins. So I would question the sincerity of such a person. We’re going to fall and commit venial sins because we aren’t sinless like Mary, but there’s absolutely no reason for a person with the scapular on to be committing a mortal sin which requires a willful intent to sin and sever the relationship with God.

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I know she isn’t. But shouldn’t Mary see it as a sign one is trying to change and wouldn’t She then be more inclined to help them/pray for them. If one was a habitual sinner then will the brown scapular help this?

This whole business about having scapular on or having it off when you actually expire is treating it like a superstition. It’s mostly found in old Catholic legends.

If one is devoted to Our Lady and was in the habit of wearing a scapular, then of course she would help them if they happened to have it off when they died. For example, since it’s a garment you don’t wear it in the shower, and you might not be able to wear it into surgery (possibly you could tie it around your wrist or something but the doctor would have to agree). If you had a heart attack in the shower and fell over dead, or died on the operating table, Mary is going to help you in that circumstance. Likewise, if you never wore a scapular and never prayed and were basically irreligious during your life, then putting a scapular on you in the last moments of your life is not going to magically get Mary to step in. It may be that your relative or friend who is putting this on you in desperate hope that you will somehow get to heaven anyway, and probably praying for you as well, could get Mary to help you, but it would be their prayers that did it, not the scapular being put on you while you’re laying there dying.


Dying in a state of mortal sin merits hell, regardless of what you’re wearing when you die. The scapular isn’t a “get out of hell free card”, as some have misrepresented it to be over the centuries. One is still expected to live a Christian life; in fact, as the gospel says, “to whom more is given, more is expected” (to paraphrase), one who has decided to live according to “the way of the scapular” should be living even more virtuously.

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Did that soul offer an act of perfect contrition the moment they became aware of mortal sin? Scapular or not, THAT is what matters before God.

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No, dying in a state of mortal sin is not remedied by wearing a Scapular.

The intent here is the thing of which to be aware. If you are wearing it with right intention, the Blessed Virgin, I believe, will provide graces for you to lead a more virtuous life.

True, the intent is important but not the sole factor in obtaining salvation.

There is no salvation without Mary.

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I don’t believe I said that in any of my posts.

If they die in the state of mortal sin and they are not sorry for their sins then they will go to Hell, wearing the brown scapular is not a ‘get out of jail card.’

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There are a few stories and folk beliefs like this. It is said that if someone wants to die in their sins, they have that freedom, but they are not going to die wearing the scapular. Some miracles are attributed to the scapular in the stories.

I think none of these beliefs were ever confirmed by the Church as private revelations.

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Yes, the scapular is an outward sign that we, as the bearer of her habit, are making strides to better ourselves so we can become perfect in the eyes of our Lord. So she will definitely be praying for us and interceding for us. Most likely if you get gravely injured she, through the power of her Son, will find you a priest to make one last confession and be given your last rites before you pass. Thus getting you absolved of your mortal sins and thus avoiding the fires of hell, per her promise.

Have faith that our lady would never lie. If someone died while wearing a scapular, pray for them as if they were in purgatory. Much like praying the rosary everyday, enrolling and committing to conditions of the brown scapular, over time will transform you spiritually for the better.

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