Brown Scapular to Franciscan?


If I become enrolled in the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular can I still become a member of a non-Carmelite religious order later in life, or does this make me Carmelite for good? Also, can you be enrolled in multiple confraternities at the same time? Thanks.


I’ve wondered this myself. As far as I know, you’re still able to become a religious in other orders. However, it would have to be worn under your habit once you receive it, I’m sure.


Yes, you can join a religious order if you’ve been enrolled in the scapular. Enrollment in any scapular is not the same as taking religious vows.



Thank you Father!


To become a Franciscan Friar will I have to become a postulant firstly then novice then friar…is that correct Father?


That’s the process, yes.


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