Brown Scapular - when do you not wear yours?

So, am I the only scapular wearer who removes the scapular during medical exam or medical procedure and during sex? Everyone else wears theirs during these times? Are the ladies honestly going to look me in the post, so to speak, and write that they wear their scapular when they’re having a mammogram?

And during sex? Do both men and women scapular wearers can truly say they wear their scapular when having sex?

Perhaps I’m just not as devout as others in my wearing of my precious scapular. I can be lazy by not replacing it during the time it’s in the washing machine, and I do admit that I should have asked the X-ray techinician beforehand if I could keep it on during a chest X-ray and mammogram. That really leaves only sex and surgery (and surgery is where I know you will not be allowed to keep your scapular on, not matter how kindly the medical personel are.)

But surely I’m not the only wearer who’s had these issues arise. I really have to marvel at those folks who say they only take theirs off during showering/bathing. Are these simply celebate and extremely young and healthy Catholics wearing somewhat sweaty/dirty scapulars?

I only take it off for bathing or hair washing, and when I do… I ask my Guardian Angel to hover over me… until I put my Scapular back on! I feel absolutely naked without my Scapular. It’s like a part of me.

God bless you!

This is what I do. When I go swimming or take a shower, I wear a scapular medal. I’m with you, Marie Veronica, I feel naked without it.

I’ve never been in any of the situations you describe as being times when you take it off. I really don’t know what I would do.:shrug:

I also just take it off for bathing. I’m single so taking it off for sex is not a problem (however it seems to me that I would want to make sure I was keeping Him in the forefront of my mind then, of all times). For medical procedures, I would ask the dr./nurse if I could have it on and state how important it is too me, then follow what they asked me to do. A mammogram? - well, since my scapular has three medals on it, I would remove it for that and I know it would get in the way of a chest x-ray. but not in the way of a knee x-ray.

Thank you all for your responses.

I, too, feel naked without mine. However, I wore the scaprular prior to my current one for over 2 years and if I hadn’t washed it in all that time, I would have been walking around like the PigPen character in Peanuts. I’m not so holy that I don’t sweat and have skin secretions. To me it would be like wearing the same bra every day for 2 years without ever taking it off. In my opinion: Yuck. However, I have already admitted my own laziness at not replacing my scapular after I take it off to toss it into the washing machine. So this situation is certainly rectifiable.

I really can’t imagine wearing my scapular during sex, and I have always taken it off beforehand. It is extremely difficult for me to believe that couples wear their scapulars during sex. As a middle-aged married woman, I suspect – and I’m entitled to my own opinion here – that people **actually do **remove their scapulars for sex unless they have sex clothed and motionless. Again, my own opinion, based on my own experiences.

As for medical procedures, well, everyone had best pray that they do not need emergency surgery, because I assure you the medical personnel will cut off your scapular and you will not be allowed to wear it, nor the medal either (but I’m not talking about medals, since I don’t wear one.) I had surgery on my hand to remove a benign giant-cell tumor and everything had to be off, not one stitch on and no scapular, either. So, really, in case of surgery, accident, etc., none of us will be wearing our scapulars.

So, folks, again, my opinion, the honest answers are to wear our scapulars constantly except for bathing, medical situations, and sex.

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I remove it for showering and, yes… the marital act.
For swimming I use a scapular medal and then replace with the scapular after I dry off.

The best idea would be to have two scapulars. I’d need several because if I work out at the gym my shirt is usually pretty wet by the end of the session. For swimming it was customary to put on the scapular medal. For a medical procedure I’d ask if I could tie the scapular elsewhere of carry a scapular medal. I’m also not married, so I don’t have sex.

I haven’t worn one for decades but yesterday bought a new one. Now I wish that I had purchased a few (they are only two dollars each).


Thank you, drforjc - for the honest answer!


roveau - Thank you for your response.

That is a breathtaking photo in your signature! Where is it? Is the photo in public domain?


My wife and I don’t take them off. The scapular is a sacramental, marriage is a sacrament. Seems funny to me to think that we’re somehow dishonoring a sacramental while renewing our sacrament. Or another way, would you cover the crucifix in your bedroom before the marital embrace?

My opinion.


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