Brown Scapular: Will any version of the Little Office do?

Apparently the daily use of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary is highly encouraged for Brown Scapular Confraternity members regardless of whether or not the Sabbatine Privilege is valid.

Since my priest refuses to grant me permission to switch to the Rosary (doesn’t know enough about it and doesn’t want to find out), it looks like I’d better get me a copy of the Little Office and learn to like it. And just as I was really getting excited about the Liturgy of the Hours…

I’ve seen several versions of the Little Office on the Internet, and they vary widely to the point that it’s hard to believe they all go under the same title! Not just the English translation, but also the contents vary. Will any version of the Little Office qualify as a proper Brown Scapular devotion?

Is it allowable to substitute your favorite Bible version for the Psalms? I’m partial to the RSVCE and it’s easy enough to take one of the digital versions and swap the RSVCE Psalms for whatever is in there if I am ambitious…

You should keep asking your Priest to switch your requirement from the Little Office to the rosary or even the normal Liturgy of the Hours in a shortened form. Take information to him about switching to the rosary and ask him about your obligations with the Little Office if you can’t find anything.

I thought current Carmelite regulations (if you could call it that) allowed for the Liturgy of the Hours in place of the Little Office:

As a brown scapular wearer, I’ve always used the Liturgy of the Hours, never the Little Office of the Rosary (matter of fact, I always have, so I never changed my practice after investiture).

I’ve brought him articles I found on the internet (it has to be in Japanese since he doesn’t speak or read English well) but he won’t trust it or even look at it since it is not official, being from the internet. He feels he has done his part by enrolling me, which he reluctantly did after talking to a Carmelite priest on the phone. Since he has made it clear that he will have no more to do with this, I don’t dare bring the subject up to him again.

Do you have Carmelites in the area? They might be able to give you a proper answer.

Thanks! This link provided definitive answers, and I am free to go back to the Liturgy of the Hours. The Carmelite document specifically recommended the Liturgy of the Hours as an example of Carmelite Spirituality and did not even mention the Little Hours. As far as I’m concerned the case is closed. Thanks!

Besides, Morning Prayer in the Little Office took about 10 minutes longer than the Liturgy of the Hours this morning! It ain’t so little after all…

Regarding the Carmelites in the area, there is a Carmelite Monastery on the other side of town, which is pretty far away in a town as big as Tokyo. I had sent them an e-mail asking if there was any priest in my part of Tokyo that they would recommend for enrolling me or if they thought it was best for me to make the trip out to the monastery. They never replied so I reluctantly approached my own priest.

Apparently the Brown Scapular is a big secret in Tokyo. If it weren’t for the internet, I would never have heard about it either.

Ask your priest. Also, if you are given permission by a priest, you can substitute regular recitation of the Rosary for the Little Office of Our Lady.

The OP’s original question outlined his problem. His priest doesn’t communicate with him on matters regarding the Scapular.

But anyway, given the current Carmelite information I linked above, it does appear that the Liturgy of the Hours is a suitable for this purpose.

I am sorry the OP’s priest is not knowledgeable in sacramentals and may be giving him bad advice. What I wrote still stands, if and only if given permission from a priest, the Divine Office or the Rosary will suffice in place of the Little Office of Mary if the OP can not find it. The priest that gives permission doesn’t necessarily have to be the OP’s parish priest if, said priest is ignorant with regards to the brown scapular. But, said priest can look up this information with regards to the brown scapular in the “blue book” of prayers that addresses this material. The OP can seek out a priest that is knowledgeable ( and maybe should in this case ) and even a “Third Order” of the Carmelites or a supporter of the Legion of Mary and seek this individual to be his Spiritual Director.

What I learned from this thread (and the valuable Carmelite answer from the link by porthos11) is that there is no reason to pray the Little Office unless I want to, and that I can go ahead and pray the Rosary and Liturgy of the Hours as I have been doing without any priest’s permission, and still enjoy all the valid promises of the Brown Scapular.

Regarding any “Blue Book” that might have been of help had things been different, well, it would have had to be in Japanese …

Anyway, again, thanks everyone for helping me figure this out.

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