Brown Scapular

I recently began wearing my brown scapular after a lapse and had a few questions.

  1. My scapular has plastic covering the pictures of St. Simon Stock and Our Lady and the picture has rubbed off on to the inside portion of the plastic protective case. Is it permissible to purchase another one or do I have to go through the investiture process again with a Priest?

  2. I have an attachment to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and certain disciplinary observances related to that and wondered if by using the old Little Office of the BVM one can make up those prayers that occur when I am typically asleep: Nocturns, Matins, and Lauds? If not should I then use the most recent version with Morning and Evening prayers?

Thanks for the advice all,


Hi, Anthony. I can answer Question #1, but not #2 (sorry!).

You need not be invested again. Your investiture is for life. Also, subsequent scapulars do not need to be blessed, as the blessing remains with YOU. So all subsequent scapulars are automatically blessed for you (not for others) when placed around your neck. This, however, does not apply to the scapular medal. Scapular medals must be blessed if replacing one that is lost.

With respect to your question #2: I pray the Rosary daily, which is an acceptable replacement for the Little Office when permission is given by a priest. I’ve never prayed the Little Office, so I cannot answer your question.

Thanks! I didn’t know about the rosary? What is the rationale, that the little office is a burden or unknown? I read somewhere to abstinence from meat on Wed and Sat (in addition to Fri) is also acceptable for the illiterate.

I am not familiar with the Little Office, and I read on a web site that it can be replaced with the Rosary, which is already a beloved devotion of mine, so I asked the priest to give special permission to us to replace Little Office with the Rosary. I’d say it was probably my laziness of not wanting to investigate the Little Office that prompted my request. :blush:

I found the web site which contains the blessing and indicates that the Rosary may replace the Little Office (toward the bottom of the page)…

THANK YOU!:cool:

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