Brown Scapular


What is meant by "enrollment in the Brown Scapular?"


Alrighty, I'll answer my own question. I did some googling and got the scoop.

Turns out, I could have used the CAF search function.

Be that as it may, essentially "enrollment" in the Brown Scapular means one participates in a rite wherein one is blessed, i.e. "enrolled." Evidently, valid enrollment in the Brown Scapular carries certain rights, duties, obligations, and appurtenances thereunto pertaining.

Part of me thinks I ought to take advantage of the opportunity to enroll. But part of me knows I won't be able to maintain the discipline accorded to enrollment, e.g. not eating meat on Wednesdays or Fridays (I have a tough enough problem with that during Lent), of reciting the Little Office daily, etc. Granted, they are all important devotions and obligations, but would it be worse to enroll and fail to meet the commitment or to never enroll at all?


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