Brunch ideas


Hi, folks. On Sunday my youngest son will recieve his first Holy Communion. Since he has been preparing at home for this, he will be the only one. We are inviting several close friends to Mass and then back to our house for a “party.”

We should get home from church between 10:00 and 10:30. I figure most people will be ready for something a little more substantial than cookies but it will be too early for lunch. So I’m guessing we will have brunch.

Does anyone have any yummy ideas that I can prepare ahead of time? Thanks in advance.


There are casseroles with bread, sausage, eggs and cheese. I’m not sure what you call it, but you put it together and then let it sit overnight in the frig. Bake the next day, about an hour, I think. You could serve assorted fruit platter than could be done before you leave home and kept in frig. Home made coffee cake or muffins would also be nice. Or you could serve ham on croissants which could be fixed before you leave. I always like homemade chicken salad on croissants that are warmed in the oven and those could be made ahead of time. Serve fresh asparagus with french dressing, fruit. and you’re there. I have lots of recipes and lots more ideas if you need. I have often served Mimosas prior to brunch if you are so inclined.


If you have a Gordon Food Service nearby, they have these terrific little mini-quiches in the freezer section. We often put these out as hors d’oeuvres (no idea if I spelled that correctly) for church events. They take 10-15 min. to thaw and heat up in our warming ovens, and they’re always a big hit. They have lots of other yummy goodies, mini eclairs, bite-sized spinach pies, etc. I second Mary’s suggestion of the fruit platter, croissant sandwiches, coffee cake, etc. You could also set up a veggie or cheese platter.

One of my friends had a brunch earlier this month and served a kid-friendly mimosa style drink: half orange juice, half Sprite. It was really refreshing, and you wouldn’t have to worry about tipsy kids stumbling around. :smiley:


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