Brussels EU Minister Says Vacation is a Human Right

Are people turning human rights into a joke?

The headline is certainly eye-opening, but I wonder if the commissioner actually used the phrase “human right.”

The Fox News article was based on an article in the Sunday Times (of London), and that article also used the phrase “human right” in describing the proposed policy. However, when Antonio Tajani is quoted (twice) , he doesn’t say “human right”, he simply uses the word “right.”

Of course, that statement in itself is surprising. But I think it is worth preserving the distinction between the rights granted by a government (civil rights), and the rights inherent in being human.

I would argue that a worker has the right to a vacation wether that was at home or location of your choice, hard working people deserve time to unwind do things with their families etc, it also in the long run helps productivity and diligence in your work force as a contented valued workforce will work hard for you and help your company grow,

The paid vacation is this article is referring to is for people who can’t work or afford to go on a vacation. Do you think that a family has the right to go to Disney World at the expense of the taxpayers?

Sorry galnextdoor, should have read the link before posting, i was generally thinking of working families rather than families on benefits:blush:, and i do believe that we should all pay our way in life, would love for someone to pay for us to go there as well, but i do live in the real world :smiley:

I want a right to vacation in Disney for free :smiley:

Eh,the EU declares a lot of things. They even had the cheek to declare the Queen a European citizen! Other than the fact that ‘Europe’ is not a country,Her Majesty is a head of state,and as such,no foreign entity has the power to make declarations on her citizenship.
I say,down with the Union and up with democracy & freedom!:hey_bud:

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