Brussels manhunt after gunfire in raid 'on Paris suspects'


Belgian security forces are hunting for at least two men after shots were fired at police during a counter-terrorism raid in the capital, Brussels.

Three officers were reportedly hurt, one of them seriously. Streets in the suburb of Forest have been sealed off .


Updated reports now say 4 policeman were wounded


One suspect shot dead now


Still ongoing. Turns out the dead gunman was in Belgium illegally


Paris attack suspect Abdeslam arrested


I wonder if he hid out in the Moltenbeek neighborhood all this time?


It sounds like they are now hunting for another man connected to the Paris attack, a new suspect.


They say:

An online statement from the group said the locations were “carefully selected” and warned of worse to come for “Crusader states allied against the Islamic State”.

but we are told:

US President Barack Obama called the blasts “outrageous attacks against innocent people” while the 28 EU leaders - in a joint statement - said the bombings were an “attack on our open, democratic society”.

does anyone believe our leaders anymore?


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