Brussels stabbing: two police officers targeted in suspected terror attack


Two police officers have been stabbed in Brussels in an incident that could be terror-related, prosecutors say.

A 43-year old Belgian man stabbed one officer in the neck and the other in the abdomen in the north-east of the Belgian capital on Wednesday and then fled the scene.

The assailant was stopped by a second group of police officers. He broke the nose of one officer, who shot him in the


Praying for the recovery of the officers…


I really do hope that something can be done soon to dramatically decrease the amount of Islamic terrorism which has been going on. It seems that the number of Islamic terrorist attacks has rapidly increased in the past several years.

That said, I am really not sure what would be the most effective way to stop Islamic terrorism. I know that we need to get rid of Islamic State but the fact is that doing so is going to require military action. I know that military action is already being taken against them. Whether or not more forceful military action is required, I have no idea.

The thing about military action though is that by trying to eliminate them via military action we risk further angering inhabitants of the locations being attacked and thereby increasing support for Islamic terrorist groups. It is a known fact that Islamic terrorist groups use such attacks against such locations as a way to inspire people to join their terrorist groups. They will do things like take civilian casualties and use them in their propaganda and such to inflame people with as much anger as possible and then these people who are seriously angry become more motivated to try and do something to put a stop to such things. Unfortunately they often join terrorist groups because they feel that this is a part of the solution.

But anyway, I guess I just wish that there would be a way to eliminate Islamic terrorism with as little use of military force as possible. Obviously diplomacy is not going to do much to eliminate Islamic terrorist groups. I think that one way that should be utilized to eliminate such groups is to try to change the ideologies that both the terrorists and potential recruits have or are susceptible to. We should try to change them to a more peaceful ideology and one that is open to the values of pluralism, freedom, and democracy. Changing their ideology is obviously not going to be done with weapons. I think perhaps that the most effective way to change their ideology would be to get some moderate Islamic imams who truly do espouse the same values that we American citizens do and get them to preach to such people and hopefully the people will be convinced to accept their version of Islam instead of the radical one that they either currently accept or are susceptible to. Sadly, such moderate Islamic imams may very well face death because of the Shariah Law that radical Islamic groups embrace.


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