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I was wondering has anyone ever participated in BSF. It is an interdenominational bible study that is all over the world. I participated in it for one year because some of my protestant friends just raved about it. It felt very protestant in theology,even though they claim it focuses on the agreements in christianity, however, you may not discuss what church you belong to.
In BSF certain women are chosen to be group leaders of small groups. It was brought to my attention last year that a catholic will never be asked to be in a leadership role. They know yor denomination up front because you have to fill out a card. You are not allowed to discuss your denomination in the small group. Anyway, Their is a head leader in each town who gives lectures, she goes once a year to the BSF headquarters , where they pray over a group of names, and God inspires them as to who leads the small groups. Anyway according to my source, God picks the leaders and its not ever a catholic. I am sure it is because the head honcho leaves the catholic cards behind. Nevertheless, I find this rather disturbing since they claim to be non-denominational. They also donot state this fact, because they want catholics to participate so they can recruit them away from the church. I know of about ten catholics in my area who have left the church after participating in BSF. I am not saying BSF is bad, I just think they should tell people up front that they will never choose catholics to be leaders. This would shed light on the fact that they advertise themselves as nondenominational , but they really are denominational. My friend who was a group leader said she had to sign something that denounced the catholic faith. I just wondered had anyone ever heard anything about this BSF.


i highly doubt that your friend had to sign something against the catholic church…not that i doubt your story but it wasn’t enforced by BSF (it might have been put out by some one “in charge” but it is very against what the BSF is trying to accomplish). actually, i do know of a person who is catholic and a BSF leader. i’m not very close to the person, more of an acquaintance, but i do know that she exists. your experience is not the norm (or it is not supposed to be) and should be challenged if that is what is being practiced. approach the leaders and offer yourself as a catholic who would like to lead (within the rules of not discussing denominational issues). if that fails, contact a leader from another area and see if you can gain support there. what is happening must be stopped and you could be the one to do it.


Non denominational means not Catholic. Yes, the women who study at BSF are earnestly seeking the face of God, but from my experience with BSF and other non denominational groups, anything Catholic just does not fly.

If your friend had to sign something, I would imagine that she had to sign a statement that said something to the effect that she agreed that the bible was the sole word of God and the only teaching authority of God, for BSF firmly believes that. We Catholics have the magesterium, tradition AND the bible…the whole enchilada! :slight_smile:
I would recommend that you start a Catholic Bible study of your own if there is not one near you. There are wonderful materials put out by Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins and others. (check out Catholic Answers home page as well as Catholic Exchange’s home page) Not only would this put you with others of your faith, but you would not be studying heresy. God Bless -


I wanted to add that no longer participate in BSF because I do know catholic theology and have since done catholic Bible studies. Even though BSF claims they are not teaching anyone theology, they are and it appears to be very baptist in thought. I have talked to other leaders(in other area’s) and they said that catholics are welcome to attend, but may not be leaders. I just wonder why they do not mention this upon joining. Is it my duty then to inform people?A catholic leader in BSF is strictly prohibited.


save yourself a lot of hurt and dissapointment… stay away from BSF… stay away from all forms of Bible Revelation other than that provided by your Church or yourself…

Bible studies can be a great source of knowledge, fun, and enlightenment “if properly supervised by someone (hopefully you priest) who knows scripture” and if they stay within the confines of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine or the Catechism of the Catholic Church…

Stay away form those who would impose {their interpretation} on the study group. I promise you (speaking from experience) they have their own agenda…

Peace… :thumbsup:


There are so many good Catholic resources out there

Little Rock Scripture study is a wonderful study, and if you don’t have one in you parish, why don’t you start one…


My mom did BSF for 6 years and managed to make quite a habit out of correcting errors about Catholics in it. If anything most of the Protestants were blown away that a Catholic knew that much scripture. My mother is very strong in her faith and she even had the nerve to send the people who print the materials a Catechism with a note stating that if they were going to make statements about the Catholic Church they should first take the time to find out what it teaches. Enclosed: One CCC.

My mom said that she had to agree not to reveal her “denomination” but that was the only limitation.


It had something to do with “Extreme Unction” and a woefully inadequate understanding of what the Church teaches about it. Personally I would recommend the Catholic alternatives.


I went to BSF for three years. I have to say it was one of the best Bible studies I ever attended, and it did not in any way draw me away from the Church. That said, I was pretty solid in my Faith, and I knew going in that they were “non denominational”, and that I as a Catholic was going to have to know and be able to defend my faith. I was completely accepted, and made many friendships there.

Honestly, the study of the Life of Moses had a PROFOUND impact on my spirituality.

Whenever a topic came up that was clearly a separating point between Catholics and non-Catholics, I was allowed to speak and my views were not attacked, even if no one agreed with me. A clear example was during our study of John when we got to John 6. One of the questions asked something like “What do you think Jesus meant during this discourse?” So, I told them. They all nodded and some even asked clarifying questions. None of them agreed with me, BUT no one told me I was wrong or tried to change my understanding of the topic.

I was able repeatedly to explain the Catholic position one things, and my input was welcomed, if not always accepted. I considered it both an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to teach, in however small a way.

I was never asked to sign anything in the three years I went. So, basically, I’d say BSF is fine for Catholic persons who are already solidly grounded in Catholic fundamentals. Maybe not the best choice for young Catholics.

I stopped because I gave birth to twins and just could not do anything for a while! :smiley:

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