BSF - Online Study Group?


I’m taking Bible Study Fellowship for the second year in a row, starting next week.

In a couple of threads here, BSF takes some knocks for being dominated by Bible-church people and for some vaguely anti-Catholic undertones. I’ve seen that myself. Still, the routine and coursework have value in focusing my attention and fostering good discussions.

If you participate in BSF, would you like to form a sub-group here so we can go over the lessons each week from a Catholic perspective?


My suggestion is for you to run, not walk, away from BSF - QUICK! My wife was lost to the Church primarily though this flawed, heretical, fundamentalist approach to Bible study.

She has been a BSF leader for 20 years and I have seen the leader’s manual. Catholics are not eligible, even as small group facilitators. They rely solely on the BSF notes as the “study” material. Fathers of the Church? Nope Bible dictionary? Nope concordance? Nope Magisterium or Catechism? Nope.

It’s an “inductive” program, whatever conclusion you draw from Scripture (as long as it agrees with the notes and is not Catholic) is just dandy.

Start Catholic Scripture Study International program in your parish. Stay Catholic and shed BSF!

I will postulate that it is a criminal offense that Catholics are forced into this BSF because their parishes do not offer acceptable programs. My own parish offers CSSI on Wed morning at 9:30, who can get to that? So I end up 2 parishes over at a bad time but at least I can get there.

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