Bud MacFarlane Novels

As far as I know, Bud MacFarlane has written three novels, and each one is a page-turner:

Pierced by a Sword
House of Gold
Conceived Without Sin

Does anybody know this guy? Can we talk him into writing another one? I loved every character!

Bud is a friend of my brother who speaks very highly of his character and integrity as a Catholic who lives his faith! My brother is a phenomenal person and I know he doesn’t give this kind of praise lightly:)

I thought Bud left his wife, Bai and their children. There’s more to the story but I don’t want spread gossip, it’s available on the internet if you want to look for it.

He left Bai; he had custody of the boys.

If that’s the case, we should pray for them…it must be more than any of us can understand…and very sad.

I loved Pierced by a Sword, and so did my daughter. She wants to read it again but it has gone missing.:frowning:

I guess I will just have to buy another copy and get the CDs that are available at The Mary Foundation at the same time.

Wow - I had no idea. I had just been hoping that he might write more of those great Catholic ideas.

I keep remembering something my brother always tells me, " Satan wants to divide families!" It helps to remember when any of us are struggling with any member of our family. (and we know we all do) Let’s remember that Satan is also always attacking the Catholic church, and what better way than to attack such a nice family who gives life-changing books and media away for FREE! We really need to pray for them…Bud and Bai could reconcile and/or either could write more inspirational books(maybe even about their regrets- haven’t we all made mistakes that we seek forgiveness for and could use to teach or help others?)…anything is possible with God!!! Satan wants to silence them!!

Saint Michael The Archangel,
defend us in the battle.
Be our protection against
the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O’Prince
of the Heavenly Host-
by the Divine Power of God-
cast into hell,
satan and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.

Having read all 3 books I am aghast that he and his wife have split. How sad. I remember going to his website all the time during the late 90s and its great chat room there (FAR better than the Yahoo Catholic Chat room).

Indeed we should pray for them both.

Excellent points, Michaela - thanks!

I read Pierced by the Sword and thought it was very good. I’m sad to hear the author has split with his wife. I hope they can work it out somehow.

I enjoyed Pierced, but the other books were far too “conspiracy theorist” for my taste. I actually don’t even recommend the last two of them to my friends to read.
I think they rehash Pierced, and take too long to do so

I knew he was fighting for custody, I didn’t know that he had got them.

I am a HUGE fan of Bud’s novels - Pierced was absolutely instrumental in my coming to the Faith, and knowing how I wanted to live my life as a Catholic.

It’s funny - when I read that book for the first of at least five times, I knew I wanted what those characters had. Totally faithful Catholic friends and spouses who lived and breathed the Faith in their lives with one another. I just knew it was out there, I knew it was possible, but it just seemed so far away and like a Hollywood dream to me. My ex would tell me that it was only a novel and that I could never really have that.

Well - I do. :smiley: I prayed for this for years. And now I am truly living my dream. I have the most incredible DH who loves the Faith, and friends who share the same devotion and conviction to Christ’s One True Faith - we live it with each other constantly - not just when we go to Mass.

So - fairy tales do come true, when God has a hand in it. :smiley: And for me, Bud’s novel was the beginning of that for me. He will always be dear to me for that, regardless of his personal situation. I pray for him and his wife that one day they may see their way to reconciliation. And may God bless him in his work.


Hi, Liza - that is a beautiful post! I wanted to make sure you knew somebody read it :slight_smile:

I agree. I also don’t think the books were well great literature, just good stories. —KCT

Thank you! That is very sweet of you! :slight_smile:


I thought Pierced was okay and the other two were not that great. Just because he’s a catholic author doesn’t mean that we automatically have to like their writings. I thought Father Elijah was 10x better.

Thanks Maria -I just order it from Amazon.:thumbsup:

Well put. Good stories, even if they’re not exactly well written.

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