Bud McFarlane


I was wondering if anyone read his three novels, Pierced By A Sword, Conceived Without Sin, and House of Gold? I tried posting on the Book Club but it was locked.
I’ve read them and love them. Very interesting novels.


I LOVE Pierced By A Sword! :thumbsup: It was a great book – I don’t want to give too much away here for those who haven’t read it, but certain parts are pretty frightening (when their sins are revealed – I’m sure you know what I mean). It was excellently written.

I started reading Conceived Without Sin but didn’t finish it – I just couldn’t get into it. (Maybe I’ll try again now since you’ve reminded me!) :slight_smile:

Have you read any of Frank Perretti’s books? He’s a Christian author (though I’m pretty sure not Catholic). I especially love his books This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness.


Reading the First book now. What is the connections between all three books?
And What exactly is each book about? I don’t mind spoilers.
I figured what the heck it’s free and a lot shorter of a Apocalyptic book series than Left Behind a woping Cash cow of 17 books and spin offs.


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