Buddhism vs. New Age

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me the fundamental differences between traditional Eastern religions, such as buddhism and taoism, and the slew of New Age belief systems we are seeing develop here in the west.



I think the “new Age” religions borrow freely from these eastern religions. I think that is why you will here people refer to the new age as a repackage of old age idolatry and pantheism.

New Age isn’t a coherent set of beliefs – people choose for themselves. There are starter guides to New Age and Buddhism etc at Wikipedia:



See also [/font] for brief introductions to Eastern religions.

Well, for one, Hinduism and Buddhism have millennia-old traditions, communities, texts, practices, and lineages.

Since “New Age” is so diverse, it’s pretty un-informative to speak of it as a whole. It would be more enlightening if a particular New Age movement were analyzed.

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