Buddhist-Muslim violence in Myanmar (Burma) leaves 2 dead


YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Buddhist mobs on motorbikes drove through Myanmar’s historic city of Mandalay in a second night of attacks on minority Muslims that left two people dead, 14 injured and raised fears of wider violence, officials said Thursday . . .

Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist nation, has been grappling with violence since 2012 that has left up to 280 people dead and another 140,000 homeless, most of them Muslims attacked by Buddhist extremists. Most of the violence has taken place in western Rakhine state . . .

This week’s violence followed rumors that the Muslim owner of a teashop had raped a Buddhist woman, said Khin Maung Oo, secretary of the city’s Myanmar Muslim Youth Religious Convention Center. Police have not officially confirmed the rape allegation, but said they were tipped off that the teashop might be attacked and told the owner to close early.


Buddhist Wrath boils over in Burma.


That’s not Buddhist-Muslim violence. Its Buddhist attacks against Muslims. I know that we are not accustomed to think of Muslims as innocent victims but sometimes that’s just what they are. If a Christian community had been victimised in this way would you have headlined it Buddhist-Christian violence?


Yes, I agree with your points. I would also point out that, two weeks ago, Muslims were also victimized by Buddhist mob violence in the country of Sri Lanka.

Why the AP decided to use the headline that it did is puzzling to me.


All of these conflicts seem to have very little to do with religion. They are almost always a power grab. One group wants what another group has: money, land, power, control. The religious aspect is a manifestation of tribalism rather than faith. Praying for peace.


As much as we hope that Burma is kept safe from the sword of islam, whose blade is being kept wet with the blood of Christians, Buddhists, and all sorts of other people around the globe as we sit and post these messages, we should most of all be praying for the innocents caught up in violence whoever they are and whatever their faith may be, may our Lord take care of them and where appropriate their souls.


Understandably, our first concern is the persecution of Christians around the world but religious minorities of whatever stripe are also suffering.

Robert Heinlein once wrote something to the effect that freedom of religion is inversely proportional to the power wielded by the strongest religion.


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