Buddhists please


My neighbour says he is a Tibetan Buddhist. We chat about religion. I have trouble understanding his Singapore accent.

Who is Jesus in the Buddhist religion. And can you tell of any nuns of Buddhism.


Most Buddhists consider Jesus to have been a Bodhisattva, someone who is very close to Buddhahood, but has not quite reached it yet. In Mahayana Buddhism, Bodhisattvas deliberately delay their own personal enlightenment for the sake of others, so they can return again and again to help others attain enlightenment – a form of self-sacrifice.

There are nuns in Mahayana Buddhism, which includes Tibetan Buddhism. Nuns (bhikkhuni) died out in Theravada Buddhism, though there have been some attempts to resurrect their lineage from Mahayana nuns, who still retain the lineage beck the the Buddha and Mahapajapati Gotami, the first Buddhist nun and the Buddha’s stepmother.

Inevitably, Wikipedia has a list: Buddhist Nuns.




Thanks. Rossum

Is the Dalai Lama considered a bodhisattva

My neighbour burns a lot of incense and carries large prayer beads. Do you guys pray similar to a Rosary?


I have a Buddhist coworker.
Has a small jade Buddha jewelry piece around his neck.
I asked him to quote me something from Buddha -
He honestly didn’t know -
I asked a few more questions - he didn’t know anything -
I was surprised.
He is from Vietnam - a nice enough guy -
But to wear - jewelry - and not knowing specifics -
Ignorance is bliss !


My neighbour seems very conversant. I am just struggling to understand the concepts we discuss due to his thick accent. But it’s nice to chat religion rather then footy


What concepts ?


He is telling me bits and pieces of how life is framed for buddhists.


How his life is framed ? Lol

Well - share Jesus - if your versed enough …


Yes. Tibetan Buddhists consider him an incarnation of Avalokita.

A standard set of prayer beads is 108 beads (twice a standard Rosary loop). They are used for meditation and for counting repetitions of a mantra. In Tibetan Buddhism, “Om mani padme hum,” is common, though there are others.



As a Buddhist, a practising Buddhist. We are sharing Jesus, within the framework of our religions. It’s nice to have rossum to answer a few of my questions. I can then understand clearer what is being said.
We are also talking of the Pope and ecumenism


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