Buddi the Dog


My friend Lesie has a Dachshund named Buddi. He is having back problems right now and for those of you that have owned Dachsies you know that they have very sensative backs. He is about to start steroids and is to have crate rest. Please pray that Buddi will not lose the use of his back legs and that the medicine works. Also, keep Leslie in your prayers so she will have the strength to take care of her sweet little Buddi. :gopray2:


Will keep Buddi in prayer…


Praying for Leslie and her dog, Buddi


St. Francis is on the prayer team


Buddi has my prayers…


Buddi has taken a turn for the worse. Please keep him and Leslie in your prayers.


Fur babies give so much & ask for so little. I think they wait for us.


My boss has a dachund who is paralyzed in her hindquarters. She’s still a game little dog and has a pretty good life, all things considered.


St Francis of Assisi, pray for Buddi, and his loving owner.Amen.


Prayers. :gopray:

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