Buffalo Bills cheerleaders sidelined after complaints of groping, 'jiggle test'




Quoting from the news article:
The case against the Bills claims the Jills are wrongly classified as independent contractors and subjected to policies that violate the state’s $8 per hour minimum wage law and other workplace rules.

The Jills aren’t paid for games or practices and have to make 20-35 appearances, most of which are unpaid, at community and charity events each season, the lawsuit said. On top of that, they have to pay $650 for their uniforms and are not reimbursed for travel or other expenses, the cheerleaders said.

I wonder if the lawsuit could have been avoided if being a cheerleader was a voluntary position, rather than a paid position?

Regardless, the Buffalo Jills may want to consider redesigning their uniform.


A more detailed article was published by the local newspaper:

Here is what it said about sexual harassment:

The lawsuit alleges that the Jills were forced to endure degrading treatment at some of the six annual events they had to attend, noting that select Jills were required to wear bikinis at the golf tournament and the swimsuit calendar release party and were subjected to degrading sexual comments and inappropriate touching by some of those in attendance.

The suit also alleges that the former cheerleaders were subjected to the “jiggle test” by the defendants to make sure their bodies were trim and that penalties were imposed for failing to pass the test and for other infractions of rules, such as posting a photo on Twitter.

It sounds demeaning. However, the alumni association of the cheerleaders takes a different position.

“Since the inception of the Buffalo Jills in 1967, there’s been over 600 Buffalo Jills, so please don’t judge the Jills or the Jills alumni on the basis of a complaint by five malcontents. They do not define the experience,” said Chris Polito, chairwoman of the alumni group’s board of directors.

“The former Jills have an alumni association with members who work with local charities and who support one another and enjoy the sisterhood that the Jills encourage,” Polito said. “This lawsuit is so petty and self-serving it would be laughable if it did not influence Buffalo’s attitude toward the Jills.


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