Buffet Investing In Pot Growers


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Doubling Down on Pot: Buffett Sells Upper Deck, Room to Grow

Ice cream, candy and soft drinks helped make Warren Buffett a billionaire. Now a subsidiary of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is seeking to profit from pot.

Cubic Designs Inc., a unit of Berkshire’s MiTek business that makes platforms for maximizing usable floor space in warehouses, sent about 1,000 fliers to weed dispensaries in recent weeks, offering to help growers expand the number of plants they cultivate

The entreaty coincides with increasing acceptance of marijuana in the U.S. Two states, Colorado and Washington, legalized possession and recreational consumption, and are among 23 where it can be used as medicine. It’s banned under federal law, and banks have said they won’t work with the industry until it’s legal nationwide.

Buffet amassed some of his wealth selling sugary soda. :rolleyes:


You have to admit, the man knows where the money is. :slight_smile:



Unfortunately, we also know where his money goes - pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation Hotline Fund.

I’m ashamed to have our city associated with Mr. Buffet, though I do pray he has a change of heart and that he will stop supporting such evils.


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Now all he needs to do is buy Fritos-lay.


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