Bug Phobic Needs Prayer


Ok first let me say I realize how stupid my phobia is but at the same time there’s nothing I can do about it. I posted a few weeks ago about a problem I was having with silverfish. Well I’ve tried everything…called the exterminator and spent last night calking the bathroom (on the exterminators advice) by they still keep coming. This is starting to really drive me crazy. I know a lot of it is stress related. I get really bad when I’m over worked but that’s not going to change. I wondering if I should have my place blessed or something. :shrug: :confused: :blush:


You poor thing, you must be really afraid of bugs. I am afraid of big spiders and roaches. Living in Florida, we get some big ugly roaches and palmeto bugs. My house is infested by silverfish. They are harmless and don’t really do anything to us. I find them on the floor, we have tile, or on the walls. I find maybe one every month, but the bug people call it an infestation because I find them dead in my light fixtures. There is not much besides maybe a exterminator that can be done. I am not afraid of them and kill them when I see them. My dd is a little afraid of them, but when she sees me killing them she is okay with them. I have earwigs as well and I had my house sprayed and still they seem to come in. I guess bugs are just going to live with all of us. We have taken their environment.

I would try to overcome your fear, but if you can’t seem to maybe you could see someone to help you. Fear is learned and it can be unlearned. I once saw a show where women with great fear of spiders where by the end of the show kissing a big ugly hairy spider. It freaked me out and I would not do that for a million dollars. I hope that you can overcome your fears.


Well it’s actually more then a few. I could take a few at at time but they were coming from everywhere even the drain. I plugged up all the problem areas and that seems to have nipped it in the bud at least for now but seriously when a I see a lot of them I get panick attacks…almost. In any case I’ve been told this is just the problem with living in apartments. :rolleyes:

My other apartment had another type of infestation that was a bit more serious before I moved in. Didn’t know about it till that first evening then wow. :blush: I may go back to renting houses. :rolleyes:


I think the last issue of OSV (Our Sunday Visitor) had an article about what saints relate to what phobias. You may want to try to find one and read it!


What a beautiful gift this day is that God has given us all! Lord give me the grace to accept every thing that I will encounter today whether difficult or joyous.

I am sooo sorry that you have a phobia when it comes to bugs…I do too; depending on what bug is at hand. I spend a very small fortune on bug spray a month. :blush: I don’t mind spiders but silverfish do bug me too…especially since they love to eat books. Over time, though, with constant spraying, I’ve been able to curb the problem a good bit.

However, I can not control the roaches or the spiders that crawl into our trucks at night and I “wigged out” last week because of a roach. Unfortunately, I was in public (at the Harry Potter party at Barnes & Nobles with my 15 year old daughter). I refused to wait in line for an hour with her. I waited outside in the truck. She could see me from inside the store; many people (it turned out) could also.

As I was waiting, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and that’s when I felt the biggest roach ever on my neck; had to be at least 6 inches! I screamed so loud and when I felt it crawl inside my t-shirt, I was lost completely in my own little world. I ripped off my t-shirt-- couldn’t find it and then I felt it in my hair behind my ear. I knocked it out of my hair and I saw it fly into the nearby palm tree. Mind you, I am in public view of at least 100 teens and parents. I was standing in my bra and jeans and put my t-shirt back on all the time crying uncontrollably. I looked up and my daughter was just mortified. :eek: I motioned to her that I would be o.k. and she just shook her head at me. So yes, I know about panic attacks and I’m so sorry for you…I’ll pray for both of us that God strengthen our resolve in this area. :slight_smile:


Yep it’s annoying problem. People shake their heads at me all the time. As long as I don’t see the little critters I’m fine but with swarms of them I don’t do so well. I guess it’s my cross to bare. :confused: Sorry to hear you had such a hard time of it Anniemart. I’m sure there’s lot of us closet phobic out there so that gives me a little consolation that I’m not the only one. :frowning: :shrug: :blush: :rolleyes:


You are definitely not the only one! I’ve been bug-phobic as long as I can remember. I will pray for all of us “bugophobes” to be able to deal with it less stressfully.

On a practical note, I believe that silverfish (and a lot of other bugs) thrive in humid areas. I grew up on the east coast, but now I live in a very dry area in California, and rarely see bugs (a great blessing!) Maybe you could consider buying a de-humidifier and see if that might help?



Maybe de-sensitizing yourself to the sight might help a little too. There’s a great site I go to because I’m into nature photography called “What’s That Bug?” ( whatsthatbug.com ) that has thousands of pictures of just every type of bug you can imagine, including silverfish. Slowly work with yourself until you can scroll through the pictures without feeling any fear. I wish I had been able to do that when I decide to put a stop to my fear of bees! Instead I had to force myself to sit amoungst the dandelions or by a flowering bush and watch them buzz around me until I realized they wouldn’t hurt me with provocation.

That being said, I just about tackled my father last week when we were leaving the house and a wasp flew around my head. But there’s logic there…bees have barbs on their stingers and can only nail you once, but wasps have smooth stingers that can sting as long as they feel it’s necessary. Don’t think I’ll ever get used to those guys!


Sierrah, maybe you could take a gander at the website RhyannaRose suggests…:blush: and let me know how it goes? I nearly had a wreck driving home one evening because a roach the size of burrito crawled up on my leg. I almost swerved into the next lane but had enough “moxie” to pull over (*and then *start screaming like a crazy person). Oh yes, the tears didn’t stop until my sweet patient husband drove up and let me drive his truck home. I really need to conquer this fear…

RhyannaRose…wow! Are you something like Survivorman? if so, please share some more suggestions! :slight_smile:


do you think maybe we all fell into a pit full of bugs when we were little and as a result have these phobias??? or maybe we just played **way too often **with that ever popular toddler game Bucket of Bugs? :slight_smile:


You know, I have often wondered why myself … but I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Annie, your story about the six-inch FLYING roach … :bigyikes: Where is the smiley for “runs screaming”? LOL :blush: I have never seen a six-inch roach OR a flying one (God be thanked), although I remember a HUGE junebug that landed on my leg at a baseball game back east. Totally harmless, but I screamed and wigged out over that one, so I can only imagine if I had to deal with giant flying roaches! You’re braver than I am even to live in such an area :slight_smile:

The only bugs that I like are fireflies … so pretty! :slight_smile: I miss those, wish we had them here.


The flying bugs don’t bother me much mostly the clawing kind. Ants, silverfish, roaches, beetles and so on. Mosquitos only because they leave such nasty bites. Right now since I’ve had my apt. sprayed twice they’re all comming up the drain so I’m pooring bleach and boric acid down the drain twice daily and they they come :confused: I’ve never had problems with bug in my car though. I just wish I could move but I’m stuck there for 6 more months :rolleyes: :blush: :frowning: I’f move tommarrow if I could. :wink:


Try getting some plastic drain covers, and leave them on when you’re not using the drain…make sure you put them on all the drains, including the shower…


Just when I think I’ve got the problem under control I woke up this morning to find them in my bathroom sink drain. I called the management company this morning and complained again about it and got the same “we’ll have to call you back” response. I told them this was causing me way too much stress and I was fed up and just wanted to move. Haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m ready to see a lawyer because I’m just sick of it. Sorry for ranting but this whole situation seems ludicras to me I can’t keep putting down borax and pouring bleach down the drain that’s strong stuff and it’s got to make you sick. I’ve got a cat and I certainly don’t need vet bills. Yesterday I made an apointment to see my parish priest…I’m too frazzled too deal with this anymore. I have other issues going on and this is just one stress too many.


I had a silverfish problem (I have had all bug problems at one time or another!). I got online to research because plugging up holes and cracks did not appease me, I want my pests obliterated.

Anyway , I got on doyourownpestcontrol.com and ordered drione dust for my attic and also silverrfish paks to lay around under sinks and other places. I have not seen another silverfish. If you have a large attic you will need a dustin-mizer to blow the drioone dust - makes it much easier.

They have other products too you may want to look into. Also , I’m sure there are other online pest control places that sell the same stuff, so you can shop around.

I never use a exterminator - they are too liable to use anything that really works, so I get online and get the real stuff. It is expensive but over the course of a year it is much cheaper than an exterminator. And it is so worth it!

You can get rid of them, just get the right products.

Good luck,



“I had a silverfish problem (I have had all bug problems at one time or another!). I got online to research because plugging up holes and cracks did not appease me, I want my pests obliterated.”


LOL thanks for making me laugh…:wink: I like your attitude.

I talked with my management company during my lunch hour and told them the problems I’ve been having. The manager idicated that she would call the exterminator and see what they suggested. Another apartment was mentioned as a possibility. Right now I just want to move but it’s a pain anyway you go. I have hope though.


I share in your bug phobias… I think it began in Puerto Rico where they have all kinds of bugs… especially in the mountains where my grandfather’s house is… One time when I was like 9 years old a bug got in my cousins ear and she ran all over the house like a crazy woman screaming. My aunt finally grabbed her put her head into the bathroom sink and got the bug out of her ear by flushing her ear out with water…

Ever since then I have had my phobias… I HATE roaches…they are my Arch-enemy… In our home we get HUGE roaches of several different kinds because we have alot of tall trees all around our neighborhood and some of them can fly. :eek: It doesn’t matter how much of a neat freak we may be in cleaning daily our home we always get one of these suckers in our home at least once a week! :mad:

I had to buy a mosquito net because at night I swore I felt them crawling all over me and would not be able to sleep…

And if ya don’t believe me here is a pic below of one of them… this one is of the kind that don’t fly, is 3 inches LONG (BLEH!) and is dead of course! after my mom killed IT with bug spray… I won’t go near them LOL…My mom took the picture… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, if you wonder why I posted the disgusting pic its just so that you won’t feel that you are alone in your phobias! Hugs to ya… :hug3:

God bless


Sorry for your roach problem. My first apartment in the same complex where I live now had a roaches as well. The first night I moved in three big ones crawled out of the bathroom wall. I finally moved into my current apartment :eek: different bug same problem. In any case I may be moving into a another apt. soon. With only a six month lease I’m meeting with the managemer today about it. It’ll be more expensive but hopefully away from the bugs. :thumbsup:

A side note: I grew up in a old house and we had bats in the attack…which was great because they controlled the bugs but every once in awhile we had one of those flying roaches drop out…not to meantion a bat or two. :eek:


So has anybody actually been successful in getting rid of palmeto bugs?! I need help!:mad:


Sometimes you don’t need pure bleach - just a mixture.

Might I suggest that you close the drains when you are not using them?

Also, are the drains affected only your bathroom drains, or does it affect the kitchen sink as well?

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