Building a Family Life Center for adults, children, singles, divorced, to welcome newcomers into the church, and for fun and activities


Looking for suggestions as to how I could approach/propose to have a Family Lfe center built at my parish. Looking to see what the consesus here would be; comments, suggestions welcome. God bless. First time to post a poll.


First step, define what your goal is - a mission statement for the project. Then, move to the fun stuff: set a budget, determine how it will be paid for, draw up a plan, then submit it to your Priest.


Not sure what you mean by a Family Life Center.

A parish hall where folks could gather?


Figure out the basic sizes you need. Do you have an architect or local builder that could give you a little free advise maybe over lunch?


I am seeing a bunch of christian night clubs going up. These are supposed to be family entertainment centers. Is that what you mean?

I have seen a sucessful club of this type. “Blue Bonnett Palace” outside of San Antonio Texas. It was a night club that catered to families with all ages admitted. It also had a bull riding area and a great restaurant.

But if you are looking for starting something from scratch you may want to think about adding an indoor archery range.:smiley:


I refrained from voting because we already have such a center and it is a important part of our parish. It is about 3 years old, and I don’t know what we would do without it.

It has a large commons area with full kitchen and auditorium, and the education wing has 12 classrooms. There is something going on there almost every night of the week.


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