Building churches and other "symbols" of Catholicism in open-ended video games

Hello fellow brothers and sisters,

Whenever I play video games, usually I roleplay a Catholic as much as the game allows, such as basing my moral actions and decisions on the teachings of the Church. I enjoy playing sandbox style or open ended games because of the almost limitless customizability that comes with it. The question is, sometimes games give me the ability to build things, such as in the Sims, Farmville, Frontierville or in the game I’m currently playing, Minecraft.

It’s times like these that I enjoy building personal prayer rooms in my virtual houses, churches or other virtual monuments to God. It’s like playing with Lego! I’m wondering if anyone else does this? I feel that my virtual worlds are missing something without some holy structure to remember God by.

Thanks for your opinions!

All the time. I make Spain in Medieval 2: Total War a bastion of Catholicism.

How do you do that? Is religion a concept in the game?

Yes, it’s important in the game. You must stay in good standing with the Pope or you get excommunicated and invaded by Catholic nations. If you make tonnes of cathedrals and churches, etc, you can have lots of Cardinals and Bishops that can eventually become Pope.


Cool. Is there Orthodoxy? :smiley:

Sorry, edited the last post.

Yes, nations such as Novgorod Russia and the Byzantine Empire are Orthodox, and they get their own priests/bishops.

Well, I don’t play games, But I’m BIG into verbal/text based roleplay, and religiong has SUCH a big role in them at times. My bet riend and I have no fewer than 100 alternate worlds for our favorite character, all involving some variation of religion, and since she doesn’t kow religion well, and I only really know catholicism, we always end up using that. Aside rom the logic, we enhoy the richness. Jezabel nd Cassian taking refuge in a Mthodist church and beriending the preacher there doesn’t have the same richness and holy feeling that meeting ather in a ctaholic church does.

I am SSSSOOOOOOOO getting this game! :thumbsup:

Can I change history and make Orthodoxy the dominant religion? :wink:

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