Buisnessweek: "How the Mormons Make Money"


Even many LDS members are now becoming disillusioned with LDS Inc.


From the article…

“Many Mormons see their church’s economic success as a sign of good stewardship, but at least a few I spoke to say they are uneasy about the price tag of the new Mormon mall, the church’s lack of transparency, and its centralized finances.”

I left long before the “mega” mall, before they centralized all of the money to SLC, so these were never issues for me (I was out early 90’s)…Infact I left UT right before they started to do all the work for the '02 Olympics

But from those I have heard from who have left in the past 10-15 years, the issues brought up in the article are big, or have become, big thorns in the side of many Mormons.

10% of one gross income is a great deal of money for many families. They want to know where it’s going and if it’s being used wisely.

Are they using their business for religion, or is it the other way around?

A religion run like a business. SOOOOOOO glad to be out!

The national anthem played, and Henry B. Eyring, one of Monson’s top counselors, told the crowds, “Everything that we see around us is evidence of the long-standing commitment of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Salt Lake City.” When it came time to cut the mall’s flouncy pink ribbon, Monson, flanked by Utah dignitaries, cheered, “One, two, three—let’s go shopping!”

“One, two, three—let’s go shopping!". Really from a so called prophet, seer and revelator!! God wants people to shop, and at high end malls no less. Can anyone see the Pope, the Dali Lama or the Archbishop of Canterbury encouraging crass materialism in this fashion? And has any other religious leader proclaimed a commitment to a city? (serious question, I don’t know) Could the LDS church have picked a business with a worse symbolic connection? Maybe opening a chain of restaurants like Hooters or Tilted Kilt could top this.

I will also never accept any figure given about the time that LDS members give in service. Every time I read or hear about how much time LDS members spend I will wonder how much of this claimed “volunteer” time is spent working for free in LDS for profit businesses. None of the hours spent making money or saving money in a for profit count in anyway as “service” and all claims by the LDS church in this area are now in question.

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