Bulgarian Orthodox church urges government to stop migrants

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church said on Friday the Balkan country’s authorities should not let any more migrants cross its borders, encouraging government’s determination to tackle an influx that has overwhelmed its neighbors.

“We consider that our government should in no way allow more refugees into our country,” the church said in a statement, signed by Patriarch Neofit, the head of the Orthodox Church, and other members of the Holy Synod - the church’s top executive body.


Outside of prayer, I don’t know what the answer is to this crisis. People running for their lives, taking everything they own with them on an uncertain and perilous journey, people sleeping in warehouses and alleys, people crawling under razor wire fences, countries using water cannons, and no real leader to tell anyone what to do.

One thing IS certain, the UN and the EU need to develop plans on what to do now and if another mass migration should ever take place. Perhaps they could partner with NGOs ahead of time and institute some plans and create a few superfunds.

Pope Francis has introduced some concrete plans on environmental issues, perhaps the Vatican can offer some researched suggestions on how to handle this current problem. Who else is there to lead? The US, the UN, and the G8+ certainly have not come out with any winning suggestions that I know of. I can understand though, the problem is so huge, and so fluid, it is difficult to know how or where to begin.

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