Bullying in the NFL


Wow, the bully managed to be racist, gross, and threatening in one voicemail. THis guy needs help.



I wonder how common this is in sports. Some athletes probably think this is the tough love nature of sports and competition but is really just a euphemism for bullying. I remember playing sports in middle and high school and getting treated badly, but I thought it was only part of the game. Lets hope the victim here is welcomed back by his team and doesn’t actually get bullied even worse.

But anyway, this junk needs to stop.


If the NFL keeps him around, they are literally insane. Thanks to countless anti-bullying campaigns, this issue is in the spotlight right now. It’s time for this kind of behavior to be wiped out. It is not acceptable to the majority of viewers anymore, and to allow him to stay around would only perpetuate the stereotype of the bully jock.


He’s done.


Someone is actually named Incognito?


I checked. That is his for-real, born-with last name.


but was Incognito acting alone?

[Dolphins coaches told Richie Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin: report]("Dolphins coaches told Richie Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin: report

Richie Incognito could have been taking coaches’ instructions too far when he allegedly harassed teammate Jonathan Martin.
In a new twist to the story Tuesday, at least two sources told the Sun Sentinel that Incognito was asked by unspecified coaches to “toughen up” Martin after Martin missed a voluntary workout last spring.

If true, the revelation would further bring into question the role of head coach Joe Philbin and his staff in Martin’s departure from the team with emotional issues after he was allegedly subjected to constant bullying from Incognito, the leader of the Dolphins’ offensive line.

Ah, yes, sports, the great builder of character — NOT!!!


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