Bullying video as class project


Yes, I did come back to share the highlight of my son’s freshman year! Too bad this project was assigned during the last 3 weeks of school.

My son is so happy to be returning to cyberschool. After being punched, offered pills by a girl to have sex after school, and being berated by a teacher for telling him he hopes he has a better day tomorrow, the Archdiocese and the local police department were called. Overkill? Some may think, but this school is bleeding out, and it’s no longer a secret. I was so hopeful. Now, I am totally jaded. I have missed church 2 weeks in row over the stress my family endured. I am hoping for a good Confession and peace in my heart. He’s outta there. Praise God.


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I tried it and it did. We are going to cyberschool my son next year because he needs 6-9 months of eye therapy. But, we are going to investigate Catholic school outside our diocese because the one he left is having financial trouble and tough teacher negotiations. Fingers crossed because he needs the skills to navigate life.


Thank you for sharing this. I pray your son finds the peace he needs through cyber school


Thank you. I think he will and we will probably return him to a different Catholic school after this upcoming year. With vision therapy issues, cyber school would be the only way he wouldn’t miss a ton of class. Plus, there are deep seeded problems with the HS he left. So, I wish the best for the school and pray that everyone there may grow closer to the Catholic faith.


Very nice video. Should be shown in all schools;


Hi I did not see your other posts here but I watched the video and I pray God helps and protects your son and everyone else in it. God bless.
PS Unfortunately bullying later translates in life as being a “strong-willed person” that most people admire in today’s world. This may be why so many parents encourage their children to “express themselves” and “go get what they want/need” and this is how it all result in them growing bullies. Everyone is worried about why is there war and terrorism in the world but very few people still worry about where it all begins - at home.


Are you sure you want to put your kid’s face on the Internet?
Especially a non-private forum like this where just anyone can see it, including lurkers ad people hostile to our faith?

You all went through a really rough year, I know, and I’m sorry, but I’m just thinking privacy concerns for your dear son. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your concern. It’s on YouTube and getting hits. And since there are multiple boys there, there is a little protection.


We learned some news today that I have very mixed feelings about. My son was also bullied by his math teacher. His grades dropped, and he was denied taking a summer course in geometry in order to take Algebra II. DS wanted to “double up” in math but was not allowed. We sensed this teacher had it in for my son because he ignored really mean kids’ gestures/comments in his homeroom and lunch (DS had teacher for both) that got the same kids detentions in classes my son was not in with them. I guess those teachers were stricter. We are only learning this now that other students are not afraid to talk.

On the final day my DS was allowed to attend algebra class, the teacher was raging. On the way out, my son simply told him that he hopes he feels better tomorrow. The teacher raged on my son. The few students that heard the teacher supported my son. The Archdiocese called me to document what happened, including rude letters from the teacher in reply to me and DH for his actions. Today we learned the teacher got fired.

Cyber school will have to be an option while my son goes through eye therapy for 6-9 months. Perhaps we can then introduce him back to a different, more established Catholic school. Now what I see what the eye therapy entails, it is intense.

I pray for the teacher because I think he has 2 grammar school aged children.


Oh my goodness! I’m glad that the school took care of that situation at least! I’m sorry, it wasn’t clear from your post. Did the other kids report the teacher, or did your son? If the other kids were the ones who reported the verbal abuse, I think that’s a good sign.


You mean this…junk is still going on??I went to public school…in the 1960’s! I remember getting this from a math teacher. He was known by the kids and teachers as ‘strict, but good’. Really? We finally figured out he put on the ‘strict but good’ act in the first part of the school year, when he didn’t know who was likely to pass or fail. The second half, was a different story. He started leaning on the kids who weren’t doing well, so that he would have a good reputation
for high final grades and test scores! Why this wasn’t noticed before, I don’t know.
Now, I regret that I didn’t stay in the class, pass or fail, just to bring down his percentages. If the damage was already done, I even wish that I had stayed…and failed on purpose!
I thought you might have been doing too much, cyber schooling your son. But, with pressures that come later, and, it sounds like his physical safety, you’re doing the right thing. I hot bullied by kids, too. I say, zero tolerance for child-to-child bullying…and, absolute zero, for teacher-on-child.

I wish you and your kids the best!


My son reported it as well as the 2 girls who left the classroom right before him. What we learned 2 days ago was that this teacher was previously suspended for throwing a stapler at a student. Also, another family has a lawsuit against the teacher and the school (a girl not in son’s class) because the girl was doing poorly and repeatedly asked the teacher for help. Apparently he said or did something he shouldn’t have, but the school is saddled with this as well.


Cyberschool was the only way he could get back on the STEM track he desired. No other Catholic school in the Archdiocese would go against the decisions made at the current school. There are some private, all boys Catholic schools, but they are far from us and we could never pull it off doing vision therapy. Plus, his grades fell.

The girl who was obsessed with him all year put up another boy to punching my son. She was angry after overhearing a story about a former crush my son had years ago on a girl he went to grammar school with. Finally, the camera caught it, but the same Algebra teacher said that my son probably deserved it for doing something. Grrrr

Thank goodness the Archdiocese took care of it, because the school is in their system of schools.


Thank you for the kind wishes. He is working his butt off in Honors Geometry, but he’s pulling a 95 so far. Fingers crossed.


Entirely too much physical harm going on in this school! At this point, I wouldn’t even be concerned with ‘who’s right’ ‘who’s wrong’ kinds of stuff…anything that permits, let alone encourages, students or teachers to abuse others is wrong!

You are very right in putting your son’s physical well-being first! You can begin the other things once he is being treated for the things that hurt him now. That he can even think of his studies now is proof of his intellectual and emotional power to resist these things. That he can be in an ‘honors program’ shows that he is past having to worry about unstable classmates and teachers.

To any student or teacher who feels they have to hurt someone else to show how ‘mature’ ‘intelligent’ or ‘stable’ you are…you’ve proved that you aren’t. Everyone else…stop listening to such people, regardless of the positions they hold.


We have heard nothing back from the Archdiocese, but he is pulling between a 94-95 average in Honors Geometry and reading Dante’s Inferno (as opposed to the non classical options the school required for summer reading.

The police officer said there are widespread problems among his particular (and formal) class. Even the doctor for anxiety confirmed the everything my son told her because she heard there are “high level problems” that we would never know about.

Interesting that the Archiodiocese has 3 open positions for VP of Student Services. I do know the teachers’ contract expired, and no useful negotiations have taken place. We had none of that nonsense when we were growing up. Our parish owned the high school. Kids were given detention on the weekend, but the teachers’ don’t want to come in more than 10 minutes before first first bell and 15 minutes after the last. So, detentions are usually during their 45 minute lunch period. I don’t get it.

But every person who has seen him says he is so happy and relieved to be out of there. And oddly, he won the Catholic Identity award for the freshman who most showed and acted as the Church teaches. I guess some good things did come out of some very terrible situations.

God bless.

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