Bumps in the road to a 'post-racial' US

While folks question if the NAACP is still relevant, the EEOC remains in business.

"(CN) - A group of black workers at a South Carolina steel plant won class certification in a lawsuit claiming that “monkey noises” were broadcast over the speakers to communicate with black workers. They also claimed they were unfairly denied promotions at Nucor Corp.

The 4th Circuit ruled that t**he workers “certainly presented compelling direct evidence of discrimination, **such as denials of promotions when more junior white employees were granted promotions, denial of the ability to cross-train during regular shifts like their white counterparts, and a statement by a white supervisor that he would never promote a black employee.”

That evidence alone, the Virginia-based appellate panel ruled, “establishes common claims of discrimination worthy of class certification.”


The findings of the court were actually too graphic for reproduction here.

I’m missing something maybe, but why shouldn’t a gift shop in South Carolina sell Confederate flags & how does that fit into a lawsuit re. promotions?:confused:
Our local “National Monument” gift shop sells Confederate flags & souvenirs galore.

You think all this case was about was gift shop regalia?

Also, you remember that in this state the Confederate flag never flew on the state capitol grounds until it was raised as a token of opposition to civil rights?

No, I’m just wondering why it’s even an issue in the case when you can buy the same thing at National Parks gift shops.Not like it’s contraband or something.

Not sure about the previous posts regarding the Confederate flag…perhaps the Confederate Flag is not against the law, but its hard to argue that decorating the plant or selling them in the gift shop is not in bad taste.

The sad part is the denial of promotions and the out and out racism. That is where the focus of concern should be.

Now having said that, I don’t know that this country will ever be without racism all together. People are people, and you can’t control what other people think.

Also, not to be minimized, is the “flip side” to the whole racism discussion, and that is the false claims of racism. A fairly good size bump to a post-racial US was Obama immediately taking the side of Prof. Gates, who labeled the Cambridge policeman who arrested him as a racist.

There are always going to be “speed bumps” to a post racial US…the good news is that it seems are way further down the road than we used to be, and racism is not an accepted thing.

If you remember, the president said he was not sure if race was involved. That’s not playing the race card.

Many folks seem to ignore that fact in the situation. But that’s off the topic of this thread…

The thread is titled "Bumps in the road to a ‘post-racial’ US. Obama may have said he wasn’t sure that race was involved, but the fact is, he still supported the guy who absolutely played the race card (without,admittedly, having all the facts).

While you might feel an urge to defend the president here, the fact is people, like myself (and there are many others), viewed his support for the race card playing Gates as not being overly helpful to contributing to a post racial US. I felt the president made a mistake, and I’m sure if you asked him, he would probably say as much. Thus this is a speed bump as well.

While I agree this thread is not about dredging up the president’s error (and insertion of his foot into his mouth), it does highlight how people may view one person’s claim of racism in a supportive way, and another person’s claim of racism (or reverse racism) in a negative way due to either politics or the fact the person is not a visible minority.

In order to get to a “post racial” US, we must not only condemn obvious forms of racism, like the one you linked to, but also we must condemn false claims of racism (like that of Mr. Gates).

My wife and I were in Charleston a couple of years ago, the gift shops sold Confederate Flags.

Although I think it’s disgusting what was going on at the warehouse - it is not unusual for a gift shop in S. Carolina to sale Confederate Flags.

The president said the arrest was stupid. Many people (like the local prosecutor) seemed to share this view. A middle-aged man who uses a cane is on his porch and a policeman turns around to come back and arrest him for disorderly conduct? That sounds stupid to me.

Skip Gates played the race card on his own and the president was not involved in that.

Let’s not let a mythology spring up from the incident.

Actually, to avoid mythology, the president said:
“Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in own home,”

Which is curious he could make such a comment considering that according to the news report:
Obama called Gates a friend, and said he doesn’t know all the facts of the case

Also, Mr. Gates according to all news reports I have seen (including the police report and interviews from other police officers at the scene) , acted like the back side of a horse. Following the golden rule would have prevented that from happening. That is what was really stupid.

As for our President, when you say someone acted stupidly right after admitting you don’t have the facts (is that very good judgement?), and take the side of a belligerent man playing the race card, guess what? You have another speed bump to a post racial US.

And by the way, suppose President Bush would have commented on a similar case between a black police officer and a white professor with a similarly huge racial chip on his shoulder…and Bush would have said “While I don’t know all the facts, the police officer acted stupidly”? Would you have given President Bush the same type of free pass you are giving President Obama?

A post racial US requires fair treatment to all people of all racial backgrounds.

I think this is obvious to most people. It is ironic that the first black president may actually hurt race relations rather than help it. I hope it was just a minor failure of judgment on his part.

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