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I have finally understood the need for the body and the blood.

I spent most of my life having to be my own doctor and psychologist, which is as stupid as tring to be your own lawyer (“anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer”). Being your own doctor/psychiatrist/psychologist gets REALLY dangerous.

I have learned from this not to try to figure out my own plight spiritually, that I need RCIA, first, and the Church

For this I will have to move out of state. It’s a Florida thing. My husband wants me to. But I am worried for my son’s situation. I want for him to come with me and my husband has agreed to settle witgh me as far as the dissolution of this invalid marriage, if I move out of state, and that he will encourage my son to follow me after first going to my parents (with whom I still have deep animosity and enmity and little/no contact by conscious design.)

Obviously it disturbs me to think of his going there and I am afraid my spouse may be playing tricks with me, 1, may change it all around again, 2, and, 3, may dupe my son into returning to the situation here in Florida that I came back here to rescue him from, it’s a long story. Also, the situation would be still worse, I have been working so hard to improve things for him, but he is in some trouble.

My husband agreed to repeating his senior year, which was a wash-out, at a private school back up North, residing with me, but I think he literally had his fingers crossed behind his back.

I am praying the Memorare to St. Joseph both for me son, because he needs help, and for my husband, because I think he has lost his mind. Local public Catholic radio reminded me that while I am a mother, I am also a child of God.

Need RCIA. Matter of life and death.

Please pray for us in this conflicted situation.

Finding much consolation in finding out more about St. Maximillian Kolbe, whose ??patronage ?? I don’t know how to say it, what he’s the patron saint of, touches my situation in so many of its facets.

Praying for you… God bless you always…

May our Lord give you the strength that you need to do everthing within your power to enter RCIA. May he help you and your family to do what is best for each of your souls. May your guardian angel protect you and lead you to the holy Catholic Church. Mother Mary, please make your intentions in this matter come true. Amen.

Lord, we pray for peace and clarity in lynnehelen’s heart and spirit. Please give her wisdom as to how to handle the situation with her husband and son. Lead her to RCIA and the home parish You have for her. Father help her to feel safe and comforted in Your love so her decisions can be made from a place of calmness and confidence in You. We ask these things in Jesus’ name and thank you dearest Father.

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