Burger King's Suggestive Ad

It seems to be the new thing, doesn’t it? Burger King has released their own suggestive ad. Not as bad as the Kline one, but I really wouldn’t have expected Burger King to do something like this. It hasn’t been released in the US, but is in Singapore.


(Note: Despite my searching for a good article on it this was the best I could find. Apologies if some of the comments on the story are offensive)


That is on par with the Klein ad, just done in another shocking manner.

That ad is as disgusting as the three times I had food poisoning at three different BK locations. As God as my witness, that’s one boycott I’ll NEVER break. I’d rather starve than eat their genetically modified ‘food’.

It’s still better than the one with the creepy king thing. Just imagine waking up to see that plastic headed thing lying next to you!



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