Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer

The Journal:

Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer

MARTINSBURG - The popular online social networking site Facebook helped lead to an alleged burglar’s arrest after he stopped check his account on the victim’s computer, but forgot to log out before leaving the home with two diamond rings.
Jonathan G. Parker, 19, of Fort Loudoun, Pa., was arraigned Tuesday one count of felony daytime burglary.

According to court records, Deputy P.D. Ware of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department responded on Aug. 28 to the victim’s home after she reported the burglary.
She told police that someone had broken into her home through a bedroom window.
There were open cabinets in her garage, and other signs of a burglar.

The victim later noticed that the intruder also used her computer to check his Facebook status, and his account was still open when she checked the computer.

“Central, call CSI, we won’t be needing them.”

There isn’t a prosecutor or cop alive who doesn’t give thanks for the stupidity of crooks.

Now I can tell my mom Facebook has* some* useful purpose!

I hope she updated his status to, “Hey, look! I’m about to be arrested for burglary.” :stuck_out_tongue:

And here yet I thought of facebook as useless…

Won’t be thinking that again anytime soon. :smiley:

God Bless.


:smiley: I wonder if his ‘friends list’ has been of use to the police too, all those handy contacts:D

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