Burial of a fallen-away Catholic


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I’ve just returned from the funeral of a very old friend who left the Church while in college and joined the Mormons. He has raised his family as members of the LDS. His funeral service was in an LDS church. I was surprised when they announced that his body was to be buried in a nearby Catholic cemetery.
Isn’t this somewhat irregular?


Isn’t this somewhat irregular?

Yes. In the past-definitly. Although I know of people no longer Catholic, who are buried in a Catholic cemetery because the family had lots there. Has Catholic Church policy changed? Officially I don’t know, but it seems to be relaxed somewhat.



since we and those present at the funeral have absolutely no idea what wishes this person expressed in their last moments, or any means to judge whether or not he reconciled with the Church or expressed his wishes, we of course make the most charitable assumption, that he was reconciled and wanted a Catholic burial.


I know of several folks who definitely are not and were never Catholic, and are now buried in a Catholic cemetary. My guess is that there is no rule against having non-Catholics buried there.

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