Burial practices of the jews


Hey guys talking with some Muslim

He recons that the burial of Christ was not in accordance with jewish practices. Apparently the jews used 1 whole lines cloth. And no spices were used

I showed him this:-

Josephus records that forty pounds of spices were used at the funeral of the highly respected elder R. Gamaliel (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 17c.8, s.3)

He says they were “Used but not wrapped with the linen”


Given that there were multiple theological schools of thought among Jews at the time of Christ (Pharisees vs Saducees for example) - why would we think that burial practices were identical across all Jews?


What is “some Muslim’s” source for his assertions? Is he a student of Jewish history in addition to being Muslim?


Even their book Quran says many negativ things about Jesus, like
not being the son of God, not dying on the cross, and so on.

Also the dome of the Rock on the Temple mount, has negativ text about Jesus writen on the wall.


Thanks Tarpeian - never thought of that.
Haha Tis… Ammm… I’m going to resist the temptation of irony and just say no. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeh Surah 4:157. Which by the way has absolutely no hadith support, whatsoever.


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