Do Catholics have to be buried in consecrated ground?
I ask because I’ve been looking into “pre-planning” and all the plots at Catholic cemeteries in this area are quite expensive ~$2,000, other cemeteries are much less expensive…

Certainly Catholics should be buried in ground that has been blessed.

A Catholic may be buried in a Catholic cemetery where all of the ground has been set aside and blessed, a civil cemetery that has a section that is blessed and in which Catholics are buried, or a civil cemetery in which the individual grave of the Catholic is blessed.

Talk to your pastor if you have any concerns.

The wife and I bought side by side plots at our local parish cemetery for $500.00 for the pair. The church and cemetery grounds date back to 1838. Yes, the grounds are consecrated. Join a rural parish that maintains a cemetery.

We also have a small cemetery about a mile from the house where lots are for sale at$50.00 a pop. Its not consecrated though.

My memory is fuzzy on this, but I think the priest blesses the individual grave at the time of the funeral if it has not been blessed otherwise.

It would be helpful if parishes had an evening on how to plan a funeral every year or so. People need to be made aware of these problems and how to resolve them. Also, it serves as a reminder that one is going to die and needs to prepare spiritually.

Catholics who so qualify, and their spouses, can also be buried in military cemeteries, with the grave being individually blessed as indicated.

Do you know when that happens?

I know at military funerals, the body is not placed into the grave while the mourners are present. At least it wasn’t at the military funeral I attended.

In fact, there was no indication where the grave would be.

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