Burn victim little girl who asked the Internet for Christmas cards poses with mountain of gifts

So heartwarming.

If you didn’t hear the story, this little girl was unfortunately the victim of a house fire due to arson, that claimed the life of her entire family. She survived with 75% burns to her body, and her father had used his own body to shield her from the fire.

This Christmas season, she said all she wanted was some cards to fill up her little tree. Well it went viral, and the rest is history. Not only is she receiving hundreds of thousands of cards, but gifts too… and also $340,000 to her charity fund, a fund that had initially only hoped for $15,000 max.

The Christmas spirit is alive and well. We need more stories like this.


And the tears are flowing… :sad_bye:

awwww, That was nice of every one who donated,
Just shows how far the act of charity can go,

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