Burned out.

I feel so burned out from working 2 jobs lately I can hardly stand to go in anymore. God won’t let up on sending me debt. My cat had an $85 trip to the vet last week for over grooming himself…he’s down to the skin…long story but it’s not like I could not take him it might get infected and cause bigger vet bills down the line. Maybe he’s feeling my stress who knows. Any suggestions how to destress without spending money. I’m also sick so that’s not helping.

(1) I immediately take in deep long breaths when I feel stress. I always helps.
(2) I get movies on DVD at the library and watch them. A good movie takes me out of my world and into another world, and so relaxes me.
(3) Hope is a great stress reducer. In this case of yours, I am thinking of you having hope that you will soon or pretty soon or eventually be able to work less hours because you earn more per hour or per month for your work. Stress is often a result of the despair of feeling that something bad will never end. But things are more bearable when they are seen as having an end date that is not too far away. But can this come about for you? I hope so! Maybe you can work on that.

God bless you!

Walking is also a good stress reducer - If it’s too cold to walk outside, walk around a mall. The exercise can let a lot of stress out. The mall is not as good as a park…but freezing your behind off isn’t exactly relaxing either…:shrug:

Of course depending on what your two jobs are…walking may be the last thing you want to do.

Movies from the library are great…So are BOOKS.
Can you spend some time in adoration before the blessed Sacrament? This can be very relaxing.

I’ve always found jigsaw puzzles very relaxing…They are cheap too…


Get rid of the cat.

The web has alot of wonderful websites that can help. I suggest that you look up some of them and try to relax whenever you can. Checking out links inside universities and colleges is also good because some of the most stressful people are students because of their course load. Another thing I have found helpful was going to mass weekly either on a saturday or sunday or a week day. That hour in mass has helped me a great deal. Adoration and joining some type of religious activity such as a bible study or prayer meeting can also help if it fits into your crazy work schedule.

Hope this helps,


Until I hit 50, I worked those sort of hours. Yes, it is absolutely exhausting.

Have as much fun at work as possible. Enjoy your tasks whether you actually like them or not.

Sleep every spare moment!

Free movies from the library are a good idea, as are books on cd.

Keep your house tidy, dishes and laundry done.

Get three squares a day. On the bright side, you’re probably burning extra calories and can afford to beef up. :stuck_out_tongue:

People who are very busy accomplish more than their counterparts. Look squarely at your successes. Pat yourself on the back.

Make prayer or daily Mass or a daily Holy Hour (or quarter hour) your number one priority. If you don’t have time to pray, rethink your schedule. This should be #1.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

i second the Adoration suggestion… if at all possible, find the time and go!

I would agree that a person with two full time jobs needs to simplify things at home. Cats don’t need a lot of attention, but they do need companionship and love every day, in addition to their meals and to be cleaned up after. Perhaps a good home could be found for the cat, even temporarily until things improve.

Also, cut down on the number of dishes you own, to force yourself to wash them after every meal. There is nothing more depressing than coming home to a week’s worth of dishes in the sink when you finally get to the weekend.

:thumbsup:for prayer, adoration, and exercise.:thumbsup:
In addition, you might keep an eye on your local newspaper for free entertainment. This time of year, churches put on free concerts, and most museums offer a free day each month. There’s no charge for youth sports, and watching a pack of wee ones play ‘swarm ball’ a.k.a soccer can be pretty entertaining. Going to something new can be very refreshing.
A nice cup of coffee or tea, a good book, a warm bath…it’s the little things…
Look for someone new to help each day: a smile, a pleasant greeting, it all counts. At the end of the day remember that person in your prayers.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Maybe this is your year to get that free pet food from the pet food bank, or to ask for help from the power company or St Vincent de Paul.
It’s o.k. to be the recipient for a change-You are the reason we contribute when we can, and it will be our turn to get help some day too.
Remember to thank God each day for a gift He has sent you, and remember that you are a gift he has sent to the rest of us. May God bless you and restore the health of you and your kitty. Amen.

Never going to happen.

I work one full time job and an extra night/weekend part time job. There’s no way I could do 2 full time jobs…:eek::eek:

Yeah I need to eat better I’ve been sick with no energy lately so meal time has been a cliff bar or premade sandwich from the gas station picked up between runs to and from work. I’m sure eating better would help.

I have a dishwasher so keep dishes clean is not a problem it’s the rest of the apartment…lol

Thanks for the suggestions. I was pretty sick yesterday and just really in a bummed mood from being sick all through the holiday weekend. It’s not fun being sick on the few days you have off. :eek:

Don’t feel that you have to spend any money on the cat. Animals don’t need medical care, they are supposed to live comfortable lives while they are here with us and then die peacefully. If you can’t afford the vet, then don’t do it.

For distressing I like to run, travel, go snorkeling, or plan a trip.

You did say free, so what about collecting points for hotels and airlines? You can make a plan for credit card churning and collect enough points for a free trip to Europe. I’ve been churning and traveling for several years now and have enough points to bring my whole family to Europe or Asia with enough left over for a trip to Hawaii. Even if I don’t go, I enjoy planning everything and find it is a good way to unwind.

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling and feeling weary. There are some great suggestions here about prayer, the blessed sacrament, etc.

I’m surprised no one helped you with this:

God won’t let up on sending me debt.

God doesn’t send us debt. Life happens and we make choices that sometimes have financial repercussions. For example, He didn’t make you buy a cat that ended up needing care (having the cat is not a bad thing, especially if it is a good companion and brings you comfort, but that choice clearly comes with a financial commitment).

Part of what may have you feeling weary is thinking that God is the one piling it all on, when really He is to be your source of strength through the struggles you are experiencing. I would suggest trying to change that mindset.

In addition, I am happy to discuss job/career options and financial budgeting/planning via the messaging system if you are interested.

I pray you will find the rest you need amidst the business and demands of life.

C’mon now…we love our kitties.

Studies have shown bla bla bla…

Cats sure are a love it or hate it thing aren’t they?

“No, Mini-Me…we don’t gnaw on our kittie!”

Good, that was silly, unfeeling advice. Anyway, for me, my animals help reduce stress except when they are ill and they are family.

I know how it may seem never an end to problems and the accompanying stress but I find just putting everything in the hands of God and trusting in God’s help, does work.

Putting on music and singing along or dancing around when you are alone, does wonders.

God help, give you strength and bless you.

Children cost a lot more in expenses (medical and otherwise) than cats. Perhaps I should get rid of them to cut costs? :rolleyes:

Kostya, I hope to God you don’t have any pets or children. Animals DO need medical care. It’s attitudes like yours that keep shelters full and animals starving on the streets.


Pets are not people. They do not have a right to medical care.

From the catechism.

2418 It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly. It is likewise unworthy to spend money on them that should as a priority go to the relief of human misery. One can love animals; one should not direct to them the affection due only to persons.

You don’t have to spend money on an animal that you don’t have. If an animal is sick and you don’t have the money you can put it down or allow nature to take its course.

It was only a suggestion. I know many people do not have the ability to tell a pet goodbye when it is time and I can understand that too.

Good for you.

Thank you for taking good care of your kitty even when it’s tough and not just taking the easy way out and dumping him at a shelter to die. I have a cat with behavioral problems and it’s been tough on me financially and emotionally, but I put him on Prozac and he’s gotten so much better. He had a lot of stress and anxiety issues. Have you considered that? It’s super-cheap, only like $8 a month or every two months. It sounds like it could help your cat as overgrooming is a symptom of anxiety.

That’s absolutely ridiculous. Animals have sicknesses and medical issues too, though not as often as people, and they do need medical care sometimes. My cat has chronic urinary infections. One untreated infection and he could easily die a slow and painful death. But I guess I’m just supposed to let that happen. Please don’t advise on something you clearly know little about.

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