Burning CDs a sin

So i was wondering if burning a friends CD and using it for my use is stealing? No profit was made and the CD was bought once. Is this even illegal? I know to pirate CDs for sale is illegal i just wasn’t sure about this.

Yes I believe that would be* theft *and yes illegal (unless the music company permits it explicitly or something).

They own really the music - they only give the person who purchased it a license to use it.

And they have right to income from their work (which would not happen if one lets a friend copy a cd).


To add, if u were the owner, u would be allowed I believe to make 1 backup CD of the original, but of course, it would be for the owner’s personal use, and not to be given away to anyone else.

What about a mix tape? :wink:


I have made 10s of Thousands of CD mixes for friends and family the past 19 years.
It’s not a sin.

I would say that unless the mix tape was permitted by the copyright holder (and some I believe let one have free use) - one would be infringing on that copyright. Now I am speaking here from the USA. I cannot speak to other legal arrangement on this fair globe. I imagine this can become perhaps a complicated issue. But I am not a copyright lawyer.

(Jimmy Akin did a bunch of posts over the years on this- one can research his long and repeated (new data) take on it - or give him a call on the show)

So your reasoning is that because you’ve done it thousands of times, then it must not be a sin?

Most of the CD’s put out today should be burned.

Pornographic rap and satanic heavy metal… Even country music is nothing but “naked on the tailgate of my truck.”

I say burn them.


Very clever. Verrrrrry clever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, when I first read the title of this thread, I thought you meant to destroy the CDs. Burning would be a very messy, smoky job. Some paper shredders are designed to shred CDs and DVDs, but I’ve tried and found my cheapo shredder can’t hack it.

Like it or not, most commercial music is copyrighted, and you are not free to copy except under “fair use” which usually means you are using your own CDs that you actually obtained legally. I believe fair use includes copying it for backup, putting together songs from different CDs, and transferring to different media (cassette tape or your MP3 player). Sharing with friends is not fair use. It amounts to stealing.

Not even that classic “I Have Tears In My Ears from Lying On My Back, Crying Over You?” Shame.

Do people still listen to CDs?

If you worked hard to compose, record, edit, package, and distribute your music, and then one person buys one CD, then tells everyone to just call him and he will burn a free copy for them, would that be justice to you, the artist, who put so much time and money into developing the product? No. That is why it is theft. The artist owns the rights to the music and should be compensated for you enjoying his hard work…that helps feed his family.

Yes, it is a sin. Ask your friends to destroy the free music CDs you’ve given them and don’t do it again.

Yes, burning CDs is a sin. Think of it this way: a man is worth millions and millions. You start a band. It begins to become successful. Every concert you give has thousands of CDs burned by him- they are passed out for free.

You are a a carpenter. He finds out every job you bid on and hires another company to do the work and gives it away to all your potential customers.

He sets up a nonprofit that does this for all the tradesmen in your state. Most lose their jobs.

Just because you have the ability does not mean it is moral.

Save your money. Buy the CD. Buy one for your friend(s) act honorably as a man. Allow other men to trust you even when they are not present.

I deleted $3,000 worth of music from my computer because somebody gave it to me. Even though some of the musicians are dead, they wanted their descendants to have the money. Justice: You receive what is your due. You pay what you owe.

I always assume the other person wasn’t going to buy the album or mixed songs anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.

Of course, if I had a band this label would be prominently displayed on all CD covers.:slight_smile:

An interesting point. As far as morality is concerned, does it matter that the person would not buy it anyway? This sounds a bit like justifying the means by the end. :confused:

Yeah, you’re right in a way. Another justification would be that, really, when it comes to music the best advertising in the world is nowhere near as effective as people turning each other on to new sounds simply through word of mouth. Plus, I know a lot of collector-types who tend to want to own what they like. So, if they listen to a burned CD that they don’t like, why should they pay for it? It’s no different than if they’d heard it for free on the radio, which only very rarely happens with good music anyway. You know, record collectors tend to spend inordinate amounts of time and money on this stuff, so it’s not like they’re really ripping anyone off.

The way I see it, is that good music is the last, most beautiful, and universal LANGUAGE.
It is the last form of communication that can transcend even religion and unite
people in love and peace.

Just look at the Beatles.

As a musician myself, I allow my CD’s to be burned/copied and distributed free of charge if wanted. As mentioned before, just getting the music/exposure out there and the message is the key.

All you need is love.
Give peace a chance.

When I buy music online, it specifically states I am allowed a certain number of down loads, on a certain number of devices, or for a specific amount of time.

As long as I don’t go beyond that, the agreed upon contract, it’s not a sin.

Protected material will have the agreement posted, it will say it is not to be copied, distributed etc without permission.

Read the fine print, abide by the rules.

there are some musicians who allow their music to be down loaded for free, real the rules and follow them.

Just follow the rules. Copyright means right to copy. If you don’t have the right to copy then don’t copy it. The 'if I burn a CD for a friend to see if he likes it or not" does not justify anything. If he likes it, why should he buy an original? He already has a copy.

The FBI includes copying without commercial gain under its rules. So even if you give them away for free, it doesn’t make it right.


Burning a CD isn’t anymore of a sin than borrowing a book, dvd or a cd from a friend. Will anyone here tell me that it is a sin (or theft, for that matter) to borrow a book from someone? Do you steal from a publisher if you check a book out from the library and read it without payment? I really think that people need to research the legal definition of “theft” before they get involved in these types of discussions. Just because copyright advocates (who have very loud voices in congress) tell you that it is theft and that it is wrong doesn’t necessarily make it so.

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