Burning incense at home

Does anyone know specifically what type of incense is burned in church? There are times when I would like to burn it at home… but there are so many varieties out there.

Gloria Incense is the most popular kind. It is a resin incense that you burn in a burner with charcol. I have some at home and I burn it every now and then. It brings back memories of going to mass with my grandmother when I was younger.

If you use charcoal, be sure to have good ventilation. Charcoal generates carbon monoxide, which is quite lethal in slosed spaces.

Also, I found out the hard way, make sure to NOT touch the burner when it has been lit for a while. You’ll burn your hand. OUCH!!!

I’ve “burned” resin incense on a light bulb. It seems to generate less smoke due to the lower heat, and you don’t get the fire hazards involved with charcoal.

Best incense around, hands down: Holy Transfiguration Monastery If there is a particular scent your priest uses which you would also like to get, ask him which one it is.

To avoid the smoke and sputtering of charcoal, go with the Shoyeido charcoal. I know it is available at Mt. Sinai.

If you want a hand censer, you’ll want to get one with a wooden handle to avoid burning yourself. I’ve seen them as low as $15. You can also use ceramic bowls or goblets or hanging censers.

This is the best chacoal I have run across. Easily lights and is small.


My favorite Incense is Pontifical incense fund here

I sometimes burn FRANKINCENSE incense sticks at home. It smells much like church incense but without the problems of charcoals and resins.

I mix frankincense and myrrh resins and come up with, IMO, a very pleasing scent. very mucjh like what one of my parishes uses.

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