Burning Man gate shut as surprise rain soaks desert [Is burning man a pagan celebration?]

I got a feeling that burning can celebration is pagan celebration. Although I haven’t been there myself, it seems to be honoring man and perhaps even demons. Would it be ok for Catholics to attend?


Probably more like aging hippies, hippy wannabes, sex, drugs, and rock & roll, and a huge dose of free-form humanism. Certainly some pagan overtones. Less sure about actual demons. From what Ive read, this year, due to unusual rains,the area is a big mud flat.

Having lived in CA for many years and known many “playa” denizens, it’s kind of an extreme free-spirited art/music event. A lot of work goes into creating the environments and they have a very admirable green attitude toward restoring Black Rock desert to a pristine state afterward. Pagan/hippie/techno/boho…all of the above. But I think can safely say no one is worshiping the Burning Man.

What I would want to do is Wasteland Weekend… it’s like burning man, but replace the pagan/hippie nonsense with Mad Max style post apocalyptic savagery. Sounds awesome. And no one’s allowed in without a costume.

But it’s in the SoCal Desert. On the opposite side of the Country from me. Me, a suffering Fallout 3 fan… I wanna go…

But yeah, burning man kinda looks cool too, so I’m hanging on this thread to see where it goes as well in case I’m ever presented with an opportunity…

Sidenote: I read about a Catholic who went to BM and did a display recreating whatever saint it was who sat on a pillar for (insert long, long time that I can’t remember) as a form of evangelizing/performance art, getting people to ask questions and stuff concerning what it was about. Not sure where I read it, I think it was a link on Spiritdaily from a very long time ago.

Saint Simeon Stylites

If that’s your definition of an art event, then I feel sorry for scrupulous people who read posts like this.

Does this count? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, Lost Wanderer. Oh yes.

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