Burning Sensation from Scapular, felt led to take it off

I was getting through the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, when all of a sudden, I began to feel a very faint burning sensation on my back by the Brown Scapular; I immediately felt as if I had been chastised by Our Lady for wearing it without having been invested in it and took it off after finishing the Chaplet. Now, maybe I’m taking this out of proportion; but is it possible that I may have been chastised by Our Lady for having wore the Scapular unfaithfully?

Could I get some feedback?

Do you wear your scapular under your shirt or over?

Under my shirt.

Burning sensation would be a normal reaction to wool.

Unless you have redness, I wouldn’t worry about it. Use that sensation as a mental notice of the presence of the scapular and your devotion to our lady.

I am not invested either.

Try a scapular with a different material. I know for me some of the cloth scapulars tend to itch.

No, I don’t think you’re being punished.

Of course Our Lady isn’t chastising you! What you are doing is very good. One does not need investiture to wear the scapular…in fact, non-Catholics can be encouraged to wear one. I wore mine for months before I was invested. Maybe washing by hand and allowing to dry would make the wool more bearable.



I have worn a wool Brown Scapular for bout 15 yrs. I have never taken it off other than to put a new one on. I have had the same sensation from time to time. I feel grateful for the reminder of what this sacramental means.

I read online that the Rosary can be recited in substitution to the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary, though only with permission from a priest. Does that mean that I need to go an obtain permission from a priest if I want to substitute it with effect?

it is most unlikely that a simple physical sensation is some kind of chastisement for something that is not even sinful or wrong in any way whatever. If you often have anxieties of this nature about your prayers and devotions you need to get the help of a good priest to overcome them.

you don’t need permission to pray the rosary, or the little office, or any other Catholic devotion. If you are going to websites that give this wrong, wrong, wrong information you need to stay away and go only to reliable Catholic sites. Again, since these things are causing you distress please find one good priest to rely on for these questions. YOu will not be helped by visiting dozens of websites to help you understand and make sense of subjective feelings about prayers.

A priest doesn’t have to give you permission to pray, do what you want. Rosary, little office, whatever… I feel you may be suffering from scrupulosity. Find a priest to speak to and maybe refrain from numerous websites. Blessings.

The op was asking specifically about the promise you make during the investiure of the Brown Scapular. You do have to ask if you would like to replace the little office with the rosary.

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He’s not invested.

I am referring to the prayers in relation to the spiritual benefits of the Brown Scapular

I read that brown scapulars need to be made of wool…

Just where can I find this ‘little office’ devotion. I have not had much luck!

It sounds like you are suffering from either 1. An allergic reaction or 2. Scrupulosity.

The best thing to do is mention it to the priest during your next confession. Scrupulosity is an old trick of the Devil when he can find no other way of spoiling a good conscience.

medjugorje.org/lofficep.htm - Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary (never mind the website of origin)

Get it blessed and become invested! :shrug:

What’s the point of wearing it if you aren’t?!

this is not a reliable Catholic site as it promotes apparitions that do not have church approval.

you will get much better advice if you do as advised and simply go to your own priest and ask about the scapular, any priest can invest you, and no there is no obligation for any specific prayer, as long as you do pray.

anyone may wear any sacramental, whether or not they have been invested with the scapular, whether or not the sacramental has been blessed, but when they do take the next step yes they enjoy the special blessings attached.

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