Burnt my pot


**My DD has a cold and it is super dry here right now so I got the bright idea to boil a pot of water on the stove to add some much needed humidity. Of course, no matter how many times I told myself that I’d need to check on it frequently, I let it boil out and now I’m scared i ruined it. Is there any way to fix it?:doh2:



So you got spiders and smoke POT???:eek: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I just couldn’t pass that up! I have burnt plenty of pots and I just scrub them out and go on. It does matter what kind of finish is on the pot. Update us and you could get some ideas.


OK, I have a cold too and my head is not too clear… I get the smoke pot thing, but spiders? I’m confused, lol.

As for the type of pot…geez…I’m not sure. It cam from IKEA and is probably stainless steel…yup, just checked …



They say to put a can of coke in it and it will take it away…hope this helps, although I haven’t tried this myself as I have not burnt any pots lately.:wink:


I thought is was you who had the spiders, big hairy ones. It must have been someone else. I think my brain must be out to lunch.


As long as it’s not Teflon coated, the pot should be fine. It will probably be forever discolored, and it’s probably a bit warped, so that will be annoying while you’re trying to cook, but you’ll just have to learn how to deal with it.

If it’s Teflon coated, then the Teflon will start to break down, and eventually it will start to flake off while you’re cooking, and it will get into your food. Best to throw it in the trash if that’s the case. I’ve also heard that Teflon releases unhealthy fumes into the air when it’s burned.


**Nope, not teflon coated. Anything that can kill birds is not welcome in my home! Well, except my cat, lol…although I doubt she could kill a bird if her life depended on it…



Have you tried a good soak in baking soda (with a little water)?

If that doesn’t work, try a product called Barkeeper’s Friend. My DH uses BF on all of our stainless steel stuff, and it really does a great job getting everything off.


If you coat it in liquid dishwasher detergent (the gel type) and let it dry on there, then scrub it off (wearing gloves) it usually will come off without too much of a problem. I’ve been able to get the burn marks off from when I’ve cooked with a pot out on the charcoal grill, so I’m pretty sure this would work.


**I think it should still be usable, as long as the paint/metal is still SMOOTH and not bubbled up. I had one bubble up (a Teflon) once…it went in the trash. I just didn’t feel safe using it. **

**Also, if it is Non-Stick (Teflon) pretty much consider that it is no longer non-stick. The coating probably burnt either partially or fully off. **


I burned a pot once and used oven cleaner on it. It came clean, but it will always be warped. I still use it, though. Good luck!


Let it soak in hot water and white vinegar all day long…

Vinegar makes my pots SHINE!


Not to completely avoid the subject…

But I would consider getting a cool mist humidifier. While I have boiled water myself in an urgent need, it is wasteful from an energy standpoint. It takes six times as much energy to change water at 212 degrees into steam at 212 degrees then it takes to heat water from 32 degrees to 212 degrees. It’s the phase transition that takes up all of the energy (water having a high specific heat).

The cool mist humidifies work by atomizing the water (shooting such small droplets into the air that they become suspended and disperse). This takes up far less energy and is much more efficient. It’ll be cheaper in the long run for you.

The previous posters were right about the teflon pans though. Teflon will begin to break down at high temperatures, and the fumes can be toxic (though one pot’s worth is probably not enough to significantly harm a human- different with birds as you know):

All of my nonstick pots and pans long ago got stained and burned. It’s almost like a good grill…probably adding to the flavor each time I cook with it:)…lol



I’ve had luck boling about 2" of water and about four tablespoons of lemon juice in the pot. Let it boing very well, and the burned part will start flaking off. Good luck!


**Thanks for your post. We do have a cool mist humidifier but it has been getting cold here and even with the furnace on I have felt cold and didn’t want to add cold mist to it, lol.




Humid air will keep the heat in the house better than dry so, use that cool mist humidifier just don’t stand near it. Something else I used to do was put a shallow pan of water on my wood burning stove (I only used it in the fall and spring so we could keep the furnaces off for longer), the water didn’t boil but because of the heat it evaporated faster than if it were just sitting there.

Another solution for both of you (Lily and you) is to turn your shower on to hot, and let the bathroom get all steamy and sit in there together. Bring some of Lily’s favorite toys and a book for you and enjoy the wonderful warm steam to help clear your heads for a little while. This was the trick I used to use for my girls when their colds got so bad they couldn’t breath at night, this along with a cool mist humidifier in their rooms. I also run a house humidifier in the winter because I do live in the High Desert and although it doesn’t get nearly as cold here as it does for you (hey, I lived in North Dakota for 5 years so I know and understand cold) it does get cold and is very dry. In the summer I have an evaporative cooler running which keeps my house humidified.

Brenda V.


The shower idea sounds like a nice trick!

Malia, I read another poster here say once that he would place bowls of water very near the air ducts where the heated air came out of the walls. He claimed the evporation would help with the dryness during the winter. I believe this poster is up in Minnesota somewhere.

Of course none of that will help your pot. :stuck_out_tongue:

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