Burying St. Benedict medals

I have read of burying St. Benedict medals on the four corners of the house. I was wondering how this could be done, as the house and the ground is made of cement. Would it be okay if I just tape the medal on the outside corners of the house, near the ground? I just want to be sure if I’m going about this the correct way. Thanks in advance.

One may simply make use of the blessed medals. That there is a custom among some of doing what you note is just that. There is not “prescribed way” to place the medal prayfully in ones home asking Gods blessing and the intercession of St. Benedict. Another custom is to place it above the door.

Here is a reading: osb.org/gen/medal.html

Never heard that one before. I have a St.Benedict Crusifix around my neck along with a small Miraculosa medal and a Rosary, not is plain sight, that could offend someone. It is just more convenient because they get tangled in your pocket and also because I use it every day, and a big Crusifix that everyone can see, and I feel pretty safe. What you could do is to ask your priest to bless your house. I have it blessed once every year.

That is perfect & really wonderful having your house blessed.   You can even put a blessed St. Benedict medal in water and   it will impart a blessing into the water.

  Many of us have Holy Water at our home and use it to bless ourselves.  As long as one has more than half container of  Holy Water one can refill the container  because there is the Holy Water imparts a blessing to the unblessed water.   A priest told me about this.   

    You can make an appointment with your priest and bring a box of salt.  If you ask the priest he will bless the salt.   Then you can lay a tiny line of salt next to & across your threshold.   

  Using sacramentals in good faith in our homes curbs the influence of  Satan over our households.

  The Lord provides for HIs people.

I thought burying blessed objects was a way of disposing of them. Wouldn’t they lose their blessing? I’ve heard of burning burying and cutting up to dispose of. I have a crucifix I just bought from www.ewtn.com and I am going to get it blessed soon.

Thanks for the replies. I saw the post about burying St. Benedict medals in this thread, post # 10 by Shin. It was an old thread and I decided to just start a new one. forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=510175 The thing is, I don’t know how to go about the burying process. I might just opt for taping the medals to certain parts of the house.

  There was a priest who said a mission at our diocese.  I assisted him in the exorcism of a home.   He was from Israel; so  I didn't understand any of the prayer as they were in his native tongue.  He was from the extreme northern part of that country from one of the villages where Aramaic is still spoken.   He said prayers at each  extreme corner of the house.  I believe that would be a good way to place the medals.   And over the door lintels or above the top of the doors.

  Then  the parish priest advised  burying the medals on the four corners.  Personally I would ask your parish pastor.  He is the one who has immediate eclessial authority. But I believe your option to be valid.

Pax Christi,

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