Bus Drivers Working Alongside Silicon Valley Millionaires Struggle to Afford Rent, Some Sleep in Cars


Silicon Valley is a shining beacon of American success, home to some of the most profitable and innovative companies in the world, including Google, Facebook, PayPal, Oracle and Apple.

Many employees at these tech giants enjoy large paychecks and a host of perks ranging from free dry cleaning to free food to gyms on site.

But there are thousands of other people working alongside them who don’t make enough money to afford housing near their jobs so many sleep in their cars between shifts. Some sleep in their cars because they are homeless.



There is an HBO documentary titled “San Francisco 2.0” that I would encourage watching about this. According to the documentary while this is happening the fastest and more extreme in San Francisco similar occurrences can be found in other areas. While economic growth is largely seen as good there are people that are displaced and either don’t benefit but face new challenges because of it.


A big factor is excessive regulation. Zoning laws can drive up the price of housing significantly.


Thanks for posting this.

I watched the other segments that were connected to this one.

It was very heart-wrenching to watch. :frowning:

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